Hi, Sophie and I just wondered - what was the final total of last years fan reception please?
£1000 was mentioned in november last year but no final figure.
Did any of the three charities receive the donation yet?
Would be lovely to hear that everyone's donations were helping the charities.
We couldn't find any information anywhere about this on the forum or facebook.
I have also posted this question over on the fan reception facebook group page. I have posted it on the forum so people who aren't on facebook also get the information we are all asking for.
Love Deb and Sophie XX

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From facebook:

Jennifer Steadman

Hya Debra Tennet unfortunately I don't have any of the figures so will ask Juliet to post them here for us all. Juliet takes care of all the money. I just send the cheque onto to her. Ha Ha!! Neither of us have taken out any of our expenses...
yet and I believe that what we were hoping to do so soon to we could show a final figure. Unfortunately things haven't gone to plan what with Juliet's 2 burglary's and her house fire so we haven't been able to get together when we wanted. I will ask her to post them as soon as possible. They are all safe in the bank and gaining a little interest so that's one bonus. The MBC has had a donation and Juliet had a note from Andrena in return. The Women aid have also received some money too as Juliet is friends with one of the charity organisers there. rest assured though that the funds are all safe in the bank in a designated acount. XX

From facebook:

Debra Tennet

Ok, sorry we are a little confused, the money, however much it is, is sitting in a bank account nearly one year later and expenses need to still be taken from it (what are the expenses please) but two charities have had money donated, inclu...
ding MBC and a note returned and none of us have been informed about how much was raisied, what the two charities where given or seen any note. Can I ask why we were not informed of the two charities receiving our donations and why we have not been informed about the note from Andrena on the forum/fb? I appreciate Juliet has had some really tough times to deal with but she has been able to organise payment of our donations and it wouldn't take too much longer for one of you to let us know. Please could you let us all know what amount was raised, what the expenses are and what sums of money the two charities received and how much is left for the last charity. It would be much appreciated by all that donated money last year. Thank you.

Thought I would bring these posts over from facebook to keep everyone updated.


Love Deb XX

Thanks very much Debra for starting this thread and finding out the information you have concerning the donations for I was under the impression, following on from a question I asked in the thread when the reply that was posted stated, that Jennifer and Juliet would be presenting Michael with the cheque when he performed next at the RAH and below is the link to that thread and if you go to page 14, the last page, you will see my question and the response so for something else to have been done with the donations and as you say, for us not to have been informed isn't, in my book, quite correct and I should like to know what monies have already been sent and to what charities and considering I donated it would have been very nice to know that a thank you had been received from one of the charities apart from, as I say, knowing what monies have already been disbursed when I was still under the impression that all monies were being held in the bank account.



Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.



Thank you Debra!!! I appreciate your honesty. I remembered what happened to me and the fierce words used on me when I mentioned that I only donated to MBC for this very reason of transparency that you are talking about. It is no wonder the second event never took place. Good for you for expecting to know WHERE your HARD earned money has gone and for the other dedicated fans that donated. I HOPE the FACTS are published on the forum and that you Debra receive ALL the answers to your questions for they are more than fair to ask. There is something to be said for established charities.....such as MBC.... as the proper venue for people to donate their hard earned money. That was all I was saying last year :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Just to add I think it's good this is getting resolved for those who contributed.. I remember the strong words used here then too  Kathy R and they were uncalled for.. I also said at that time I only donate directly to the MBC and then these problems are not an issue. When it's someone's hard-earned money anyone that donated money had a right to ask what happened to it and why it took so long to get it to the proper charities. I don't blame anyone for asking as I would have too long before now if it had been my own hard earned money.  Just my 2 cents. It's great for anyone to donate but best to just send it to the MBC directly..

Robin in MD:)



Hi Debra, good to read you posting sweetie! Well it sounds like at least you are getting some answers from Jennifer about your questions so that’s good. I just wanted to give you a few links I’ve found on the U.K. 1st fan reception.

First ever U.K. Michael Bolton fan reception


in the “general chat” section and in the “off topic” section:

First Ever UK Fan Reception and Bolton Bear t Shirts - IMPORTANT NOTICE - VENUE CHANGE -


Tickets on sale now UK fan reception


U.K. fan reception, thank you


I didn’t read through all of them and I know there are more, but I believe Jennifer mentioned the total in the last link I’ve given you. Not sure about completed total but thought I’d let you know. I hope you and Sophie get the info you’re looking for. Take good care of yourself Debra and don’t be a stranger okay? :D Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Juliet has responded on the FB page for the Fan Reception. It's an open page so you can see the final total and browse the items for sale :)

Thanks Catherine for letting everyone know there is a response on fb :)


From Facebook - further posts on the fan reception page - to update everyone not on facebook
Juliet McDermott Hi Debra - OK - final total was £1250 - expenses were the food etc for the day, my initial outlay for the T shirts and some items that Jennifer bought to sell/raffle. Womens Aid have recevied their money and i will scan and post the letter from Faye and put on here. Clic have aslo received theirs and altho i received a receipt i did not receive a letter but will ask for one for here - as for MB - we wanted to give him a cheque personally when he was next here - his share hsa now amassed some interest and he will get all of that as well - once i am back from holiday i will ensure a check is sent to MB and once Andreana has sent a letter of thanks it will be on the forum and on here
Juliet McDermott can i also say that i am a little concerned with everyone asking about the donations - the account the money is sitting in cannot be accessed by just Jennifer or myself - we both have to be there to access the cash. I work all week (as do all of you) and at weekends i am either with my mom making sure she is OK or looking for a new home. Jennifer cannot easily get to me so we do have to make appointments to get together to discuss things with regards to this. Jennifer and i have been MB fans since the Black Jack days and would in no way jeopordize teh charity this way - gail is aware that we still have the money as is Andreena and they both are OK with this as they know that any interest that is mounting up the charity will get !
Debra Tennet Hi Juliet. Thank you for the final total amount, maybe you could let the forum also know this as I know there are others waiting to hear how much was finally raised. We would still like to know how much each charity received and when they received our donations. Also how much your expenses amounted to. Could we also ask why we were not made aware of the fact you had made the donations and indeed shown any letters to us. We all lead very busy lives one way or another but we also gave up our time and money to support three worthwhile causes and are interested to see the charities receive the donations. As you both managed to get together to sort out two of the three donations it is only fair that you pass on any information about handing over the donations and any response you get. As it has been nearly a year and each time someone has asked about the donations, a different account of what has happened has been given, we had got a bit confused as to what had been done to pass on our donations. Please could you keep us all informed both on fb and the forum as to when you pass on the donation to MBC and indeed any information about the other two charities. Many thanks.

Sophie Tennet I totally agree with Mum (Debra Tennet). I think that everyone that gave you their hard earned money for 3 great causes should know when it is going and how much of it is going to each one!! Everyone that went to the fan reception and people that donated from else where did not expect that nearly a year on they would still be waiting to find out how much will be going to help each of these charities!! I can't believe you expected people to give you more money to come to another fan reception this year when last years money has not gone any futher than a bank account. I think you owe everyone involved the truth of what has happened!! Thank you

Jennifer Steadman What do you mean but the truth?? Are you accusing us of stealing the money???
Sophie Tennet You told one thing to Mum (Debra Tennet) about the charity money and then Juliet is saying something different... So you can't be surprise if people are concerned and asking whats really happened!?!

Sophie Tennet No one has mentioned stealing the money... only you.
Juliet McDermott Sophie

a) You weren’t even going to come to this years reception so we weren’t expecting you to part with your hard earned cash
b) Both Jennifer and I take offence to the insinuation that somehow we have kept the cash
c) I will scan and post here the letter I have from Womens Aid so you can see that they got theirs about a month after the reception – as did Clic tho all I have from them is a receipt but have asked them for a letter of thanks
d) Jennifer and I put a lot of hard work and effort into organising this for you all last year and also this year but as no-one bough any tickets (well 6 people did but that clearly is not enough to make this work) and this is the thanks we get – we did this as a way of getting like minded fans together to have a bit of fun. I would like to see you organise something like this – see how far you get when people say “oh but Barnstable is too far to travel”

We tried to do something nice for people and this is how you react !
Jennifer Steadman JUST for the items on sale and auction for this years reception have cost me OUT OF MY OWN POCKET - £567. This sum is not counting the items from last year.


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