Hi, Sophie and I just wondered - what was the final total of last years fan reception please?
£1000 was mentioned in november last year but no final figure.
Did any of the three charities receive the donation yet?
Would be lovely to hear that everyone's donations were helping the charities.
We couldn't find any information anywhere about this on the forum or facebook.
I have also posted this question over on the fan reception facebook group page. I have posted it on the forum so people who aren't on facebook also get the information we are all asking for.
Love Deb and Sophie XX

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Hi Kathy

I did think the letter wasn't quite right when I saw it and I have emailed the Womens Aid charity to ask about our donation to see if they could provide us with some information. I haven't had a reply yet and I'm not sure if they will give me the details I've asked for but if I get a reply I will let you know and post it here.

It's seems a bit strange that Juliet has now removed herself from the forum or deleted the posts without any explanation or answering any of our questions.

Oh how I wish I had given my money straight to MBC!


Love Deb

Thanks for taking the time to do that Debra in getting in touch with WA and letting us know.....thanks !!! :)

Juliet is still a member on here so she has deleted the posts and can I state here that I am going to delete my post I put in on the "spur of moment" in other words in a "blind rage" when I saw what she had done.....OMG and I have the cheek to tell other people to count to 10 .....I didn't even see 1 when I started putting in that post......think I should delete, don't you agree girls ????????

Just always remember Debra, YOU did nothing wrong .....don't blame yourself for being conned for the people who do that could sell ice to the Eskimos !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


I wonder why Juliet deleted them again?

No worries about your spur of the moment post, it is very frustrating to have to deal with all of this.


Love Deb 

That was my next move Debra. It is perfectly legal for ANYONE to contact this group and any group to ask who their contact is for fundraising. Of course I would then explain my situation involving a Juliet McDermott and at the very least the organization would have been informed of suspected illegal activity. All Bolton fans and these two organizations need to be forewarned. I appreciate you letting us know about contacting them Debra and at the very least the organization should acknowledge your email and should be able to give you some feedback since you did donate to that group. Do keep that link of the "letter" in your post Debra so fans who want the facts have that access :) Much appreciated!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

So much for "proof" of professionalism used by the organizers of the failed UK reception and the attempt to swindle fans for a second reception is abhorrent. 

Kathy and LAFD Bob

I have deleted that rather "over heated" comment I put in Kathy but I most assuredly agree with your sentiment in acknowledging that Juliet McDermott has deleted all her posts, starting with one at 12.43 then 14.57 followed by 16.33 and then 17.36 that she put and which, members of this forum have responded to, without giving any explanation whatsoever as to why she has deleted said posts.    One of her posts contained a link into a letter she claimed she had got, dated April, 2012, from WA thanking the girls from the Michael Bolton Fan Club and those who had attended the UK Reception for the receipt of £400.


Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Sylvia - I saved both versions of the attachment letter Juliet posted.


Love Deb

Thanks for that information Debra for I was darn annoyed I hadn't thought of saving .....did I actually trust her that she would leave it on here when we were questioning it....what a fool I am  !!!!


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Sylvia - I've attached both versions of the letter here. wa first and WA was posted a little later - I added the word 'copy' as it was the only way to save both copies.


Thanks Debra and a great idea putting them back on here and if she doesn't like them being on here again she can come in and tell us why she deleted them without giving an explanation as she had submitted, in first place, as supposedly being evidence of money paid to WA.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Well who isn't over heated Sylvia in regards to this mess?? Debra does have the "letter" link in her post and I am certain she will leave her post right where it is. I already posted in regards to that :) You will find it here :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

I just looked on my wall. Juliet is not on my friends list anymore. I know on FB if you suspend your account everything you post disappears until you unsuspend it. Is it like that on here? I don't know but her posts reappeared in FB when the account became active.

So confused :/


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