and one that I think he looks very classy in....




Enjoy :-)

The stars a sailors guide the stars a writers imaganation


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This was at the same vent I believe.
Yippee, I got one of my photo's to upload!!!!!PROGRESS!!!! LOL


They are all great.......but still I love them the

Love this picture!!! But then again there are no bad pictures of Michael!!!
Thanks for sharing!
Nice Robin Nice!!
Love Dianna xxx
Very nice photo!
wow that's Michael Bolton and Clint Eastwood i love both of them cause Michael's my favorite singer and Clint's my favorite actor ever!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet picture!!!!

Hi Anna,


It is a good picture isn't it ?? :)   Saw you had been in here and wondered what you were up to !!! LOL.  Have you gone into the other Favourite Photo of Michael thread yet - pages and pages in there and that is the one we mainly use now !!   See you over there !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

Hello Anna,

I believe that this photo was taken when Michael was a guest and indeed performed at Clint Eastwoods daughters wedding last year. How cool eh?

Lovely isn't it?





Michael can look classy in golf attire, baseball attire, and as you all have shared almost no attire...
Always loved the baseball uniform on him!!!


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