and one that I think he looks very classy in....




Enjoy :-)

The stars a sailors guide the stars a writers imaganation


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Hi Kellie how true he looks good.
Thanks for sharing
I haven't seen that pic before or if I have I had forgotten it lol
Love Dianna xxx
I recognise this photograph Kellie!! Ha Ha Ha!!

It's pinned on my office wall at the moment!! Ha Ha!

Love Jennifer XXXX
I really want to get one of those jerseys ,pity we cant buy them :-(
I've got a Michael Bolton baseball jersey, but it doesnt look exactly like that one.

I'll photograph it and post a photo here.

Love Jennifer XXX
Ah Jenn ,did you get it on ebay ,i cant find one anywhere xx
They were made here in Australia Sharon I even rang the company but alas they didn't have any there to sell me :(
But I tried
Love Dianna xxx
Ah ,would have loved to get my hands on one of them ,its a pity they werent more accessible .Thanks Dianna .xx
Dear Jen, You really have to take a picture from your office lol lol see how your part if full with Michael's stuff lol..
lots of love Jacqueline xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Well Jennifer,
I knew you would love it, and thought others might too. Ha Ha !!
I really don't have many more of my own that turn out well enough to
post, my photography is poor. Ha Ha Ha
But at one of Michael's signings here in FL, Michael did make a comment " So professional photgrapher now ehh? Too funny that I can't even hold a camera sitll in front of him !!
Glad to share and will try harder next time.

His Girlfriend For Life!

Love watching him playing baseball!!
Sorry I couldn't pick just one!!! My favs are all of Michael with the guitar,so intense,oh and along with my profile picture!

I reckon the first image of Michael holding the baseball bat over his shoulder like that was definitley, the original  version of-


' You cockroaches wanna play rough?'  Ha Ha!!






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