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Mariu thank you so, so much for that link for they are from the "This Morning" show that Michael did here in the UK and it is the one that we have been unable to get a link for those to see outside of the UK so seeing these pictures is fantastic......looking at the pictures I can remember exactly what they were talking about on each one and the majority of them, with that smile !!!!! :)   It was a great interview and Michael was enjoying himself for that was well seen as I would say he has in all the interviews he has done here ....smiles a plenty !!! :)

I am going to pinch the link and take it over to the UK Promo Performance thread as those pictures are specifically from a show he has done for his promotional work - okay Mariu ???? :)

Thanks again for finding and sharing !!! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks Mariu!! The photos are beautiful...that smile....gorgeous!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Thanks Mariu, great pics, like the ones from Loose Women yesterday that they have up too!!

Robin in MD:)

ciao  a tutti appena trovato questa foto un bacio  da cristina  italy


Ciao Cristina,


Thanks so much for posting that picture.....absolutely beautiful and it looks as though it could have been taken here in London during the last week for Michael has on the same attire that he wore to the earlier shows he did here but nevertheless hardly matters for it is a recent picture and a lovely one too .....thanks Cristina !! :)

Now at the other end of the spectrum I am going to put in one that is to least an "oldie" was taken in Cutlers the record shop in New Haven, CT during 1983.



Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks for all the pics ladies. I had not seen this oldie Sylvia..THANKS!! CUTE

Robin in MD :)

Hello Sylvia, what a sweet picture !! He was sooooo young.........


so wonderful boy

Thanks Sylvia.....Michael is ADORABLE!!! Take a look at those stomping boots!!! lol 

Kathy and LAFD Bob

OMG! Sylvia, this one is absolutely gorgeus!!!!!!!!!! What a treasure!!!! Thanks soooo much for sharing with us!

Wow that is a great oldie!!  You are full of surprises aren't you?  He is so young and sooooo cute.  He would be what we would have called a "hunk" in my younger days.  (I am the same age as MB)  He looks so happy and proud of those it!
from the Jersey Shore

I should have added with the photo.....and only when I looked at post again did I realize I hadn't put in......that it is not mine from 1983 I was given a copy a good while ago by a friend and as now having computer technology and a little bit of savvy as to what to do I asked if I could place on here for everyone to see and so the deed was done between us and I am glad you are all enjoying it !! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.



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