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Did you know that the middle one is the picture from a clip from Michael??? Have a look on youtube and enjoy because also the clip is soooooo great....
lots of love Jacqueline ( so you see your just a fan for one month and your this far....)
You wish lol lol in your dreams lol lol and by the way he is far to old for you so I will take him lol....
lots of love Jacqueline xxx
If we can only dream lol lol...but never say your funnier than me lol...Because I can be verrrrrry grazie and I don't drink so I rember everything the next day lol...I have worked 22years in the same Hotel behind the Bar...and entertaining the English gast lol...And everyone from my work asked me ;"jacq how can you be soooooo grazie"lol lol....I think I bring out the best in people lol...Oh yes with the English people it was always about one thing lol lol ...lucky they all were older than 40 years old lol. But fun we had. With wipped cream you name it lol...So yes I can be older lol but never say I am not grazie lol...

lotsssssss of love Jacqueline and lets have a nice dream about Michael lol

After 00.00 it's AM again lol lol...Yes we don't have the am ore pm aswell in the Netherlands lol . Think time for bed lol...And yes your crazy lol and you will get there by the end off the way..
Believe in yourself and you will get there.

lots of love jacqueline (((((((hugs)))))))
OK you win lol lol Juliet...I can not do the I am happy if I can make it to the car lol...
But in bed auwww lollol......Ok it is just 01.08 am over here and that by drinking just water lol..
Can we watch lol??? NOOOOO not the training lol

lots of love Jacqueline xxx( yes we have to do it on the forum but we were like this also in the chat years ago lots of fun lol so we miss the chat)
Soo sorry Ladies, I had him first and forever!

His Girlfriend For Life!


Oh you are a "hoot" as the Bolton Buddies would say!  I'm not even going to ask what my age would qualify me for  LOL  Actually I'm the "older woman" in his life LOL  I think he needs an older woman - wise, nurturing, able to keep his funny bone in check (he actually is quite a practical joker - read his book "The Soul of It All" - verrry interesting

Yes Michael is a bit older for Janniche, and Jackie you are newly married, so I guess Michael will be all mine then! LOL


OHHHHHHHH is that so lol lol......I don't think so lol...Yes I am a newly wed lol but that doesn't say a thing lol lol... I love Michael from day one for his music and the person he is insite.......And btw he has 3 daughters and I have 3 sons....
and going to have my second grandchild auwww getting older lol...But still young in hard lol.
And when Michael came to me like he did 2 weeks ago auwwww .........there was no hubby in my mind sorrrrrrry dear lol..

Everytime we go a little bit feather lol first just looking in the camera for a picture with 4 feed between us and now it was just one ore two hands....lollol
OKKKKKKKk ice ice ice ...but when you tough Michael his hands are really cold lol

lots of love Jacqueline
ps Nice try Kellie lol lol who doesn't want to get married with a grandma like this hahahaha lol lol
Thanks Janniche I agree there's usually something to like in all of them
Love Dianna xxx
Dont know why I love this one so much??


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