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Hi Dianna yes that is how Michael was when we started to love his music and him as well...Mine is still the one on the bed have to see were I have him lol lol...make some ice lol
lots of love jacqueline

Are we ready lol lol I have found them ice ice ice ice ice.......

Want some more??
Now this one is hot!!!!! Think its time for a cold shower!!!!! LOVE IT!
Thanks for sharing ! Eileen
mmmmmmmmmm ok move over michael i sleep on that side. ok stay were u are either way im yours lol love u jo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In this pic Michael is as all the women dream him, in the bed!:)))

I am also in the bad but you don't see me lol lol I am under the bubbels lol lol .............I wish lol lol
lots of love Jacqueline xxx
Nice!! Thanks Jacqueline

Yes I have that one tooooo lol lol...Dianna
But my own favoriet picture is ...

He is looking into the camera lol...
awww more ice lol
lots of love Jacqueline
This was just a picture that he looked in the camera but this year I was making a video and he lookes even closer in the camera....awwww ice please lol
lots of love jacqueline xxx
WOW! Nice!!


                                 LOVE CARA

ah. *__*


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