Are all of you looking for the CD in stores finding it?  If not let me know where you are looking and what City/State you are in.  Thanks. Gail

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Has everyone who went out looking for the CD found it in their local stores? If not, let me know which stores you looked and which city and state...thanks again, Gail

Hi Gail,


Last Friday, I was at Borders Bookstore in Manhattan at 7th Avenue and 33rd Street.  They had no CD's at all for Michael!!  Found 2 copies of Barry Manilow's new one "15 Minutes" and 2 copies of "Duets" also by Barry.  I got my Gems CD in the mail, but I went to look out of curiosity....  If you want me to check any Best Buy stores, let me know....I can look there too!  There is one near my office, and there are 2 near me in Brooklyn.



thanks, Helena. We were interested to see if the fans were having problems finding it in the stores. I wanted to check and see where you guys were looking that didn't have it so I could let management know. They wanted to check on it. Thanks
Sure.....I'll check the Best Buy near my office one day this week at lunch time.  If I get to the shopping mall 4th of July weekend, they just opened a Best Buy over there, so I will take a quick look at that one too!  No problem....   :) 


I went Jay hi-fi's, Sanity ,Kmart, Big W, Target they all have it in there computers but it doesn't get released here in Australia til the 1st July

Will have another look after then

Love Dianna xxx

Of Cause I have mine

Thanks to this wonderful site ;)

Love Dianna xxx

Hi Gail, 


Just to let you know, I didn't forget I will head over to Best Buy tomorrow during my lunch hour.  My mother wants to head to the Mall this weekend (lots of 4th of July sales), and I will check the Best Buy that opened there last month too.  So will let you know soon if they carry "Gems" or not.  :)



Sorry I forgot to post here, found some end of last week at my local Walmart here in Westminster, Maryland.  I haven't checked Target to see if they have any.

Robin in MD :)

Hi Gail,


The Best Buy in Manhattan located on 23rd Street and 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas), has no copies of Gems.  There was one copy of The Essentail MB, and 2 copies of the Greatest Hits.  Will check the Brooklyn store at the Kings Plaza Mall on the weekend.  There is another Best Buy (in Brooklyn) at Bay Parkway, where I got my copy of "One World One Love" CD when I joined the site. I will check that one in the future when I'm in that area.



Hi Gail,

I just collected my Gems-package from my local post office (OMG!!! - just miss any words up to now music and cover/booklet, just wish a painting of Seal could have been included - do you know why he has not been painted ? - just curious). Opposite the post office is the store where the German version of Gems should have been sold by today so I went in for information, but they did not know anything about Gems. Their computer confirmed the selling date but up to now there is not even date mentioned to order (!) it, the less a date when they wil have it in stores !?!? And 20,99 Euro is quite a prize just for a CD!  (Usually 14,99 Euro for a new one for any kind of artist). The lady in the store was impressed that Helene Fischer is part of the CD too, so her name could actually attrack attention too - how I wish the CD would receive attention just due to an awaited release of Michael's!

I just called a huge CD shop in a bigger city and they told me that the release date has been postponed to an unknown date and they will sell the CD for 17,99 Euro.

Greetings from Germany


Hi Gail,

I just discovered the Seal painting!!! Since it flows into Paula Fernandes' painting I did not realize it at first. Sorry for my mistake - I guess I need glasses LOL


Hi Astrid, I'm happy for you that you've finally gotten your bundle! Thanks a lot for the update on the German release, I appreciate it. Take care and enjoy your CD girl. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


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