As most of you know, Juliet and I are organising the fan reception for 2011 and are in the process of amongst other things, raising some money for the charities that this reception will be supporting.


 Gail has very kindly given me permission to sell a few items on here to start raising funds to donate as part of the first EVER UK fan reception.


In the USA the MBC (Michael Bolton Charities) benefits women and children at risk and in this light, Juliet and I have chosen two organisations of very similar interests to benefit from our function as well as MBC.  The chosen charities are:

Womens aid - and Clicsargent .  For more information on these organisations, please follow the links. 
These are the first items for sale -

As you all know, in the past, Michael has recorded some VHS videos that are sadly not available on DVD, so I have now managed to copy these videos to DVD and am offering copies of them for sale.

 If you would like a copy of all or any of these DVD's please contact me by private message and I will supply you a list and the information you will need to order them.
100% of the profit from these DVDs will be split between the three organisations above.
I will have more items for sale soon like -

Autographed copies of "The Lost Kingdom," "Blackjack" LPs, some hard to find CD singles, T-shirts, guitar picks plus many other watch this space!!! 

 Thank you for reading this. 
 L o v e   J e n n i f e r   X X

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Hello Jennifer,

would you please repeat the date the fan reception 2011 in London takes place? I have read it on here (and that Michael has already confirmed his presence) but cannot find it again. Who will be invited to the reception? All fans registered on this web-site? What´s the reception programm? Are you organising a special programm for Michael? Is he going to sing for us or are we supposed to sing for him to make him laugh? Have you already found any location the reception takes place?


Just let us know on how we could help.






Hi Juliet,

I think a reception without Michael does not make any sence !!! Or do you like to eat, drink and speak ABOUT him without him? NO !! We all want to speak TO him !!!

And do not forget, all UK-fans do not live directly in London and have to pay a lot of money travelling to London from the other side of Great Britain or Europe.

You and me have to sing a song for him !!! We want to make him laugh or do we not? You know how much he loves the audience sings his songs to him! Just do not be shy!! It can be embarrassing. So what? He will just laugh !!!

I am looking forward to meeting you in London !


Best regards, Ivana

Hya Ivana,


As Juliet has said, Michael is well aware of the plans for fan reception and has given us his full endorsement on the arrangments. However, he cannot guarantee that he will be able to attend due to his other commitments. Michael doesnt always attend the US fan receptions does he? I'm not sure?


The idea of the UK fan reception is to sell tickets and gather as many fans together as the venue will hold, auction off and raffle many signed Michael items, eat drink and generally have fun whilst raising money for the 3 chosen charities (Clic Sargent, Womens aid and the MBC)


We are planning on holding the reception on a saturday afternoon between the hours of approximately 12 lunchtime and 5pm. This way if people want to travel home they will have plenty of time to do so or if they wish to stay in London and see a show, they can book a hotel stay.


There is not a lot we can do about the location and how far it is from Europe or how far it is from the other side of the UK. It has to be held somewhere and London seemed to be the best place as most people can get there by some means of travel. It would be the same if we organised it in Scotland. People in London or Wales would have trouble getting there.


Michael has given Juliet and myself his permission to organsise this event and as such we aim to make it as fun as possible and raise as much money as possible. Even if Michael himself cannot be there with us, we know that everyone will have fun.

If this first event is proves to be a success, then atleast we know that next time we can book a bigger venue and aim for more adventurous goals.


I hope this clears up some of your questions Ivana.


Cant wait to see you again.


Love Jennifer XXXX

Hi Jennifer,


Michael was never able to attend the US fan reception. He did contribute a lot of personal things for the auctions we held each year and  he never failed to graciously thank the organizers and the fans for all the work they did and the money that was raised for MBC. 


Thanks, Anna...was just reading this thread.  Michael was invited each year but the US fan reception was held the weekend of his main event and golf tournament and he was usually touring as his schedule was tight and he was never able to come. His mother and band members came every year though.  The event was for his fans to get together and have time to talk and do their own auction to donate in the name of the fans to the weekend.   I don't know what his plans are for the UK reception but as Jennifer said...he and the people at MBC know this is taking place and are very appreciative!! Gail

Thank you to both you Gail and to  Anna for clarifying this for me. I thought I was right about michael not attanding the event, but couldnt swear on it.


I know that everyone will have fun at the reception even though Michael will probably not be in attandance. It would be amazing if he could come, but we all understand if he doesnt.


Sorry Ivana, the chances of Michael turning up are extremelt slim, but I do possibly have something else in mind that might be acceptable to you all.


I will keep you posted.


Love Jennifer XXX

Count me in, I want to be there. Just keep me/us posted.


Ivana :-))


Hello Anna,

it looks like you have attended Michael´s fan receptions in US several times. What were the receptions like? Talking (about Michael without Michael), drinking, doing the own auction to donate (MB-Charities ??? or what??) in the name of the fans.....

I am sorry but I do not understand the sense of the reception. And how many people came?

I have already attended a few receptions of about 300 people dressed in long dresses and dinner jackets. Is it one of this sort?

Best regards,


Hi Jennifer,


Have just read this post - told you I would do my homework - I have just got one question - rather a delicate one though - would I be allowed to come? - or have I got a ban for life already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To be serious,  have you decided any venue, date and is it only on the day that you propose to raise funds through sales?


Sylvia.   Wee Scottish friend.

Hi Juliet,


YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS !    I have to behave as well !


Sylvia.    Wee Scottish friend.

Count me in, I want to be there, and with my camera!!!


done deal!



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