Hey all........
I thought I wrote the ticket sales date down for Michaels concert in Clearwater, Florida!
I think the tickets go on sale in November the date of the concert is actually January 17th 2017!
I just need to know when the tickets go on sale! Please help or send the link!
Thank you

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The tickets for the Clearwater concert went on sale September 10th. You can check the "Tour" section of this website for all concert info. 

Anna (in MO)

Thank you

Dale, Anna, is correct. The info on this concert and all confirmed concerts are listed on the Tour section of this website. Here is the direct link to the Clearwater concert:


Thank you....... I'm gonna check out the hall and get info! I belong to there mailing list so I'll check the prices from their site!
Thank you for your help girls!


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