"Congratulations to our latest "Foodie of the Week" Helena M. from Brooklyn, NY! She's celebrating Halloween with festive cupcakes baked with her KitchenAid mixer! http://bit.ly/Kitchen-Aid

Enjoy! Thanks to everyone who posted. There's always next week!"

Our very own Helena won "Foodie of the Week" on the David Venable's QVC show for all her Halloween cakes that she baked as Sandy roared all around her.....she baked and baked to take her mind of the hurricane and hey it has won her a tour of the studio......well done Helena !!!!!!! :)))))))))))))

Going to put up plenty of pictures of her beautiful baking for Halloween and so enjoy because some of these cakes.....oh they taste delicious.....they just must for the way they look....absolutely wonderful !!!! lol.

Sylvia. Your wee Scottish friend.

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Glad you popped in Helena and did I get something wrong again about the tour of the studios.....I thought when you mentioned going there that you had won that....och well !!! lol.   See you over in FB !!! :)

Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


That's ok Sylvia, but I wish I did win that trip.... LOL!!!

Later Alligator,

Helena xx

Yes I did Sylvie, remember....that was part of my New Years Resolution last year!!!  Well, over the past year....I am really into watching cooking shows on TV and I bought a few cookbooks along the way.  I got David Venable's cookbook, one book by Wolfgang Puck, one from Emeril Lagasse, Rachel Ray and a few books by the "Taste of Home" magazine.  I am planning to cook some regular food as well, most likely after the holidays.  I was going to make some Christmas Cookies, but will have to see how my weekends are going.  I'm sure Sylvia, told you about my younger brother....they had to move him and the others out of his home during the storm and they got severe water damage.  We are hoping to finally see him next weekend, since we haven't seen him since before the storm.  I have decorated my house for Christmas, but still need to work on Christmas cards and buying a few gifts, so my weekends are still busy!!  Hope you and the family are well, and I will try to write to you soon!!  Big Hugs back to you!!   Love, Helena  xx

Hey Helena, wow, I'll say you're busy! Good for you doing so well with that resolution sweetie, I won't ask you about the other resolution... ;D We're all fine here, thanks for asking Helena. Yes I knew about little brother, hope your mom is well too. Well have fun on your Xmas preps and I'll look forward to hear from you, whenever you have time. Take care sweetie and God bless. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada :D


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