OMG!!! Im so excited,I got front row in the center to see Michael in December at Glema Mahr!!!!!Its time to start my countdown to Dec 10th.I hope more are posted,would like to see more of Michael,he is AWESOME!I feel so bad for all the fans that went to Denmark,its so disapointing when you travel along way to see Michael,and security wont let you move or get in to the concert with Michael,none of his loyal fans want to harm him we just LOVE him!!!!!Tracey,SC

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So pleased for you Tracey !!! :)   Glad you are starting the countdown EARLY .........ONLY a 153 days to go ....OMG that is not long and as Kathy LAFD Bob always says : "BB's are always prepared !!".....LOL.

Please remember and come onto that Tour thread after December, 10th with your very own Bolton Adventure story - okay ???? lol.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Congrats on the front row seats!!! Have a great time at the show. Afterwards please feel free to hop on over to the Tour Review thread and share with us how it went!!!

Robin in MD:)

Hey Ms Tracey Karen Day here from Charlotte. I'm gonna see you there on the 10th in KY. Email me with some info. Yay


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