I've taken my wife to see MB at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi for the past six years and due to their policy of reserving all the floor seats for their VIPs and High-Rollers, we've never gotten good seats even on the day they went on sale. However, this year Michael has changed venues to the Hard Rock Casino and the minute the tickets went on sale, I got front row, seats 5 & 6! My wife is literally going to die when she finds out! My only problem now is that the December concert date is so far away. The suspense is going to kill me! :-)

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Chip, all the luck in the world for a perfect evening!

Best wishes from Germany


Both of you have a fantastic time, Chip, and we will be looking forward to hearing about your special evening and you are right, the waiting is long but always so very, very worth it!!!!!!!! I am happy for you two and wish I could see this look of surprise on your wife's face. SWEET!!!!!!!


Kathy T. ;-)

Hey Chip, break a leg! Whatever happens, you kept the secret till today so that's a huge achievement in itself, way to go! You score high points in all our books for being such a good hubby and do wish your wife a happy birthday from us! :D Looking forward to reading you again, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada :D

I've been away for awhile, so would somebody fill me in on Michael's new CD or is he working on one?

Hi Jimmy, long time no see! I was thinking about you when I read about the Florida shows: were you able to attend any? Just being nosy… ;D Here’s the info you’re looking for:


In a nutshell: Michael has been recording a Motown/soul album that will be called “Ain’t no mountain high enough” and we already know that he sings “Ain’t nothing like the real thing” on it:


All the facts we have on the album are on that thread Jimmy, any more questions, let us know. :D Good to have you back, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Thank you so much Sylvie, yes I watched the video ANLTRT and thanks to this site. This January will be two years since I have seen Michael in concert with my sister. You are not being nosy just ask on that  is how you learn.

Hi again Jimmy, I’m guessing there were personal reasons why you’ve been off the site, but when I checked to find out when I’d left you a message telling you about the upcoming Fl concerts, I realized you made a new profile. Were you having problems signing in? I’m just asking because you have 2 profiles now. I don’t know if this was the case with you, but I know that sometimes, people change their E-mail address or password and have trouble signing in again, so they “sign up” again instead. Let me know if this is the case, so Gail, the moderator could delete either your old profile or your new one. I know I had trouble signing in recently, but I just reset my password and everything was fixed. Well aside from that, I’m sorry you couldn’t make it to one of these current concerts, but maybe you can catch up a bit by popping in to the “2012 tour reviews” thread if you have time. Take good care of yourself Jimmy, have fun catching up on the news and if you need help, just ask. :D Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

We had quite an experience last night and I went in hoping my wife could finally meet Michael. So my first stop was the box office where I waited for 30 mins in line to see if there were any available Meet and Greet packages in my name. After much searching, the polite lady said they could not find my name on any of the lists but that they had talked to Michael's people and he had sent an autographed picture for me. I thanked her profusely and my wife was thrilled with the picture. We went in and took our seats which were absolutely perfect. The concert was great and at the end we stood at the stage when he sung his usual songs like "Steel Bars". He high-fived me and shook my wife's hand. However, when the concert was over, we turned around and someone had stolen the autographed picture from under my wife's chair! She was on the verge of tears so I spoke to one of the employees who directed me to a pit boss. He made some calls and one of the Hard Rock employees who assists Michael arrived and was very helpful. After she made some calls she escorted us to an elevator and she said she would try to get us into the Meet & Greet for another autographed picture. Now, my wife was on the verge of tears again because she was so happy that she was finally going to meet Michael. We got there and waited outside the Meet & Greet for about 20 mins until the Hard Rock lady came out and said that she was sorry but that higher-ups decided they weren't letting any more people in. She said Michael's security detail was being really tough. My wife pleaded with her for just for a thirty-second photo op since he was right inside the door but she said it wasn't up to her and that she would let her if she could. Finally, the Hard Rock lady came back out and gave my wife an autographed picture Michael had just signed and we thanked her for everything she did. We walked down stairs and then spotted Michael walking quickly to the High Limits room with a Hard Rock employee and Security guard. No one else had noticed him and we walked up to see if we could take a quick picture and his security guard shot me a dirty look. We followed him into the High Limits room and saw him take a seat. A Hard Rock employee told us we couldn't go over or take any pictures. We explained to them what happened and they said that it was up to Michael's security. However, his security refused us the opportunity for a quick picture so we finally left depressed that we had gone through so much, and come so close, but ultimately my wife didn't get to meet him. I felt like if Michael had known what we went through, he would have taken 30 secs because my wife has been a life-long fan and we have seen him everytime on the coast for the past six years. Oh well, I am hoping for better luck next year! Below is the original autographed picture that was stolen and the new one from the Meet & Greet.


Hey Chip,We were waiting for a review in the tour thread..LOL  Thanks for posting the pics over there...Did your wife about cry also when you sprung the front row seats on her? I think all in all you all had a fantastic night. .The fact that MB's people sent out an autograph to you is wondeful in itself..Also to then get to the stage, get to have a hand hold and all that, is always a great experience.  And after to get offered up a 2nd autograph that doesn't happen often Chip. I like the 2nd one as it's from where you saw him specifically....MB's off time after a show is his private time..So by then possibly he wanted to wind down from the show and all that...I am glad you all had a great night. How was the show??? Any newer songs in the setlist from the new CD????


I hope your wife is enjoying the autograph she came home with.  You know sometimes the least you expect the more fun you have, anything other than the show is a bonus/icing on the cake ya know!!!!  What a lovely reminder of the night you all experienced with the great seats, getting to the stage and getting to hold MB's hand there etc..I have done that over the years and there is nothing like it. Another fan posted on your wall on this site that someone down front got some attention from MB at the stage..Was that you guys?


Thanks for sharing with us all here.

Robin in MD :)

Hello Robin, Michael talked about his new album and sang "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" but didn't sing any Sinatra or Christmas songs. There was a young girl in the front row with a poster and it was her first concert so Michael spoke out to her and she gave him an LSU cap. I believe that might be who they are referring to.   

Awww nice story about the young girl...That's so neat too..  I cannot wait to hear Ain't No Mountain High Enough hopefully when I go to see him up here in February..


Thanks again Chip and I hope your wife is loving that autograph as a wonderful memory for the fun night!!! 

Robin in MD :)

That sounds like a right downer Chip and sorry that did happen......a downer is okay but not after your hopes have been risen so high....sorry about that !! :(   Have got to say though it was nice of Michael to send the signed photo and at least you have that as a good memory and keepsake and after a few days things will not seem so bad and you will be able to enjoy the photo a bit more and maybe even laugh at all that happend and as you say, there is always another time......your getting closer ......so as Michael says;  "just keep believing !"

I do hope that everything else worked out well for the evening and that you had a lovely dinner and that you enjoyed the concert having such terrific seats and that your wife was more than surprised, at the surprise, you had in store for her   !! :)

Take care Chip and hope you will stay around and join in other things on the forum and we are going to get a review of the show from St. Petersburg from a girl who was there....she is on holiday and she is trying to find the time to write it but I am going over now to put in some of her pictures from that show......keep the appetite and suspense going until her review !! LOL

Take care !! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.





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