I just read online that Michael is stepping in to sing tomorrow night since Susan Boyle couldn't make it! Go Michael! Show 'em what you're made of!!



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Everyone watch DWTS tomorrow to support Michael. I just read on the DWTS website that Michael will perform with Ne-Yo. I know he wrote a song with Michael so perhaps that is what they will sing? I forgot to check this discussion area. I wrote on the main blog. Thanks Lynn for also hearing and reporting about this performance. When I first heard about it ,I didn't believe it. I HOPE Bruno says something kind to Michael or else keeps his mouth SHUT!!! I will tune in tomorrow!!!! Sing you heart out Michael!!
Love ya.....
Kathy and LAFD Bob
This is fab news, I hope Bruno shows Michael some respect this time. I will watch it, anyrthing to support our Michael.
You show em your beautiful voice Michael, knock em dead!!

Sandra x
Hey Lynn, Thanks for posting this here too, YUP Will be watching MB will come up smelling like a rose in the end of all this. What great publicity for him! He will blow everyone away.. I am curious what song he will perform also! This fits in perfectly with his tour schedule!!

This will be fun!
Robin :)
I'm not sure what song I would like to hear MB sing.....but, I'm leaning towards something from the new album!

Anna :o)
Me too Anna!! I'm hoping we hear one from the new album too!
Crossing fingers!!
Robin :)
I sure hope so too, we can dream can't we!! But I'm glad he's on there doing what he does best!!

That is great news!!! I'll be watching!! And Bruno better shaddupa his face!!

Go Michael go!!

good news I didn't know, I'll watch on YOUTUBE
Michael sang the song Susan B. was to do “Hallelujah” accompanied by professional dancers Anna Trebunskaya and Jonathan Roberts. It was a neat set with white mist on the floor and children in white choir robes around MB in a chorus accompanying him.

He received a Standing Ovation and Tom went up to him after and asked if he was surprised to be back. Everyone on their feet and clapping as this was happening..MB said yes pleasantly surprised, he got to see all the castmates again and they had become close. They showed clips of Bruno standing and clapping and smiling for MB, nothing was said. Tom also mentioned MB's next tour stop tomorrow night. All positive for MB. He was smiling. He had an amazing vocal on a song he only had 1 hour to rehearse. He wore a black suit and shirt and had his diamond pin on his jacket!

Way to go MB!!!!!
Robin :)
Hi fans. I just posted on the main blog about seeing Michael sing at DWTS. It was fabulous!!! It was actually taped... called a pre-tape done before the live show with the audience watching. Because of this, he sang the song twice. What a treat!!!! It was very moving!!! Wow...a night I won't soon forget :) Love ya Michael and see you in Laughlin front row and center!!!!
Kathy and LAFD Bob
Thanks Kathy for the live report. Interesting how they do these things..So none of what we saw was live with regard to Michael? They could have done that too with the shots of him backstage as well then? Shoot, he could have been out of the building by the time it actually came on TV LOL. I guess they wanted to be sure to get that shot of Bruno doing a fake smile and clapping for Michael..Did someone tell everyone to stand and clap the 2nd time or was it spontaneous like we thought seeing it on TV?? I hope it was spontaneous from the audience and not staged so to speak.
I wondered with the set changes and all if they had to do something like this.. Thanks again Robin :)


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