Hi! Here are new videos from Hampton Court...quality is not very good...but I hope you enjoy them anyway, lol!








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Thank you for sharing Jaana.

What a fab night it was!!!! :)

Love Deb xxx
Thanks Jaana!!!!!
Thanks Jaana, they being back lots of happy memories dont they?

I love the bit in the second video where the girl shouts out 'We love you Michael!' and he says....

I love you too even though your just a voice in the dark!'

So lovely to watch.

Love Jennifer XXX
I also love to listen 'that discussion', lol! But is it You...Michael is shaking hands with (on the left side of the stage)??
Hugs Jaana xxx
Jenn...I mean, Part 1, Thats life, time 1,17!
No, that wasnt me. I was sitting right in line with Brian, so almost in the middle of the stage.

I was crying to much to stand up and shake his hand!! I say there with my mouth wide pen for a couple of minutes just shocked that he was right in front of me! (what an idiot!! Ha Ha!!)

Great clips though Janna.

Love Jennifer XXXX
Heh, heh, Jennifer...I'm laughing here soo much:-D!! I know who is the BIGGEST IDIOT, when Michael is even somewhere near...it is MEEE, heh, heh...as you know, lol! But very happy one :-D!!!
Love Jaana xxx
Thanks Jaana
Looks and sounds like a lot of fun was had by all!
Love Dianna xxx
Oh Dianna...it was soooo much fun indeed, lol! I'm allready planning my next trip...to Romania!!!
Love Jaana xxx
Thank you for sharing those Jaana, do you have any more?? I didn't get to go to the Hampton Court concert, so I would love to see more clip! oz.x
Hi Jaana, thanks for sharing those sweetie, you're still floating up there, aren't you? :) Michael sounded great, thanks again! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


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