Since it is 00.00, February 26th 2013 in Germany, I'd like to start to say "Happy Birthday" to Michael. I don't think that in the next days there will be another sentence more frequently said than this, so I thought I'd better choose someone to sing it properly. From the bottom of my heart and through the spirit and voice of Elvis:

Dear Michael: Happy Birthday!!!

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Oh Astrid love it and thanks for starting this thread and as it is now 20 minutes into the 26th here in Scotland think I can wish Mr. Bolton a very Happy, Happy Birthday Michael and can I just add a picture (you know how I like pictures....ROFL) of a special birthday cake just for.........................


Couldn't find a golf one that said Michael so, next best thing ..........!!! lol


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


I love this photo, Sylvia, great choice! Seems as we have started a "Happy Birthday-Countdown". And counting down the numbers was MB's wish anyway, wasn't it? LOL Let's have a great day celebrating one of the - if not the - best singer in the world and a wonderful human being. Have fun, Astrid


michael tantissimi aguri dall'italia.

quella   di oggi è una data molto importante per un uomo speciale .

ti auguro tanta gioia da condividere con le persone che ami .

con affetto e ammirazione cristina.

Bonjour à toutes et à toutes,

Michael Lington posted this photo of Michael Bolton blowing out the candles at his birthday cake, he has a huge smile!



Oh Katia we both had the same idea......I must have been putting mine in just as you completed yours......great minds think alike !!!!!! :) 

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Sylvia, it's nothing serious, everything is given the pleasure of everyone, and we feel all the same thing, a sublime admiration for MB, no boundaries to share his smile is our greatest gift even if we are not our anniversary partyJe vous souhaite de passer une agréable journée


Thought I would bring this picture and words over from FB as they are what Michael Lington has posted on his page there for Michael's birthday.....


"Happy to celebrate this big birthday with my friend Michael Bolton"



For Sylvie and Robin CA the picture is of Michael sitting at a dining table on which in front of him is a large birthday cake and it is taken from a side angle and Michael is not looking at the camera taking the picture but whatever he is looking at, it has created a beautiful, huge MB smile.  It appears that the lights have all been dimmed for the picture is quite dark and what you can see is one candle on the cake that is lit but believe it is a "special" candle for it is throwing off some light and that light is well reflected on Michael's face and gives the whole picture a beautiful glow.   Sorry, I can't quite make out what is written on the cake to report on that but something is written on top as well as round it too !!!


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.




Thanks for posting the photo here, ladies. It is a very nice one!!

Kathy T. :-)
Happy Birthday MB. Saw this last night. Nice to see Michael
celebrating with family and friends.

Robin in MD :)

Have a very happy birthday and many more!!!! Have a great day and great concert tonight on your birthday!!!!


Happy Birthday Michael.

Wishing you a wonderful day with memories to treasure forever.

Love Janet


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