Have you seen Michael as Jack Sparrow and more lol

Maybe some off you have seen it long before...for me it was the first time and oh myyyyyyy I love it.

Michael as Jack Sparrow and more. Just look at the clip and you will love it too......

I know I did and yes maybe I am to late but didn't see it on the forum so put it on here...(youtube and Jack Sparrow with Michael Bolton)


lots of love Jacqueline xoxoxoxoxoxox/xxxxxxxxxxxxx



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Hey Jacqueline, good to read you here sweetie, you haven't been here in a while, have you? :D "Jack Sparrow" has been the buzz of the forum and Facebook for a week sweetie! We've tried to keep everything relating to it in the "Release of Lonely Island" thread in the "general chat" section. I haven't "seen" it but I've heard it and Astrid did a fantastic job of describing it to me, I loved it! lol Apparently, Michael is debating if he should include it on the deluxe international release of "Gems"! :D I keep checking the total views on Youtube and I just love reading the comments: it's so nice to read positive comments from non-fans! We read things like: "It should be Michael  Bolton featuring the Lonely Island" and "I wish there was a "love" option" instead of just a "like" button... :DIt's just so cool that Michael is having all this publicity and Tom Bergeron of DWTS refered to Michael as "viral video star" on the show last Tuesday. Jacqueline, have you seen Michael on DWTS last Tuesday? In case you haven't:

Michael Bolton and Delta Goodrem « I’m not ready »


The song "I'm not ready" is off "Gems"! The total hit number on Youtube for "Jack Sparrow" was almost at 8,000,000 last night so I have to go check it again! lol Take care Jacqueline and hope everything is going well for you. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Dearest Sylvie,


Sorry I have been to busy keeping my head up and getting back to my "old" me again. I was depressed but I am doing beter if I don't become to much stress....Still recovering from the accident last year.My foot is still not ok.We became a second grandson but never seen him till so far....The kids who are no kids anymore from my new hubby are giving the blam for everything to me only when they need help ore money..than your good enough? I don't think so. So now we don't see bouth off the grandsons....Yes it hurts.Well don't have to tell you how that is. Lucky my own sons are doing great as always. But you would think of people from 25 years that they would know better. I am a bitch etc...Nice? No. So that is why I said ;" this year is for me to get well because I am soooo tierd to get this pain over and over and that thanks to the stress I am getting from others and the divorce I had put in hold for over a year. So everything came out. But like seeing that clip from Michael gives me energy lol...Maybe for a hour but it helps lol.

I don't care that I am putting this on this forum because I am now so far that they tell me what I can and can not do...and we are not alout to have a picture...How fare can you go? Lucky my dear hubby and I are very happy with eachother and if they don't want to see there father happy than be it...And I am not alout to let the world to know that we are a happy family....Not my words. I was thinking I dont have the rest off the word to know what is going on over here. But they want it like this so they can have it. I am not making it better than it is anymore and I am working on myself very hard and doing this for me and my hubby and my own 3 sons.

Thanks for the link from the song. And yes I have the song aswell lol here on the Dutch Michael Bolton side lol...that far I was lol....

I love you all over here and I have seen the post on my hotmail but never look in to it so that is why I never seen the jack/michael lol....

I hope you all are doing more than fine and lets wait till the new CD is coming out from Michael...lol..Does anybody knows when that will be?


Lots of love and many ((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))) Jacqueline xoxoxoxoxoxox/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Jacqueline hope all settles down for you soon.

Stress is terrible I know.

The new CD will be out 21st June and it is called "Gems"

Love and best wishes with lots of hugs to you too

Dianna xxx

Hello Jacqueline, my lovely 'ice maiden'.


I've missed you so much from on here with the ice buckets.


I pray that life will settle for you soon. Families eh? Nothing but trouble!! Ha Ha Ha!! Good job we love them all so much isnt it?


As Dianne says the new albm is out soon but if you go to he homepage you should still be able to order a bundle including an autographed booklet, CD and T-shirt for £18.99. Ltd to the first 1,000 orders though so be quick.


Heres the link.



Dont be a stranger.


Love Jennifer XX

Hi again Jacqueline, I’m sorry to hear your foot is still not better sweetie, but you’re making the right decision in taking care of your soul first and the body will follow! Glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed the video and it made you laugh. We can use all the little bits of sunshine we can get, can’t we? I love that we have “Gems” to look forward to and the deluxe edition later on with even more MB music! Take good care of yourself sweetie and don’t be a stranger, you’re among friends here! Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Jacqueline, I love the Jack Sparrow clip, it is so funny.......Michael has such a great sense of humour dosen,t he?

Just shows what a fab fun person he is, I,ve watched it several times and it just cracks me up!!!

Love Sandra xx


hey its mags here i just saw michaels new cd album with new songs on it and the new video of him as jack sparrow it looks reali great first time i saw it earlier i might buy the song on the video of michael with delta goodrem i just have to sort of like get used to watching and listening to new songs of michael as i have got some of his other cd albums as well


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