Take a look at how Michael learns the kids how to sing lol...Yup Michael has his own Michael Bolton School




Enjoy lol oh and btw it is really Michael.


lots of love Jacqueline xxxx

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We were all watching this clip last week Jac when Gail posted it..its hilarious isnt it?

We've all paid our terms fees and booked our places for next term!!! Ha Ha Ha!!

I've watched it so many times and have e-mailed it to all of my friends.

Love Jennifer XXXXX
Oeps I didn't saw it from Gail....Ore Gail have to remove this one...

Yes he is sooooooo great I became it on the Michael Bolton forum here in the Netherlands lol.
Have a great weekend here we have a long weekend and good bbq weather lol so that is going to be ok.
love you lots Jacqueline xxxxxxxxxxx


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