You know..I was in Romania, Costanta! Att the 'press conferess' too, lol!
Sooo, now i would like to make a competition, for of all of You!
GUESS, what, two (2) things, i've got, in home (with me), in Finland, today! I wash aloud to take those, after Michael's press conferess, I did asked it, lol!
So, here is ' the picture'! You can ´see´the answer, from it, lol! I do, will, also send you a photograph of those thing's...but i need to know...exatly...those 'things' lol! I've got 'signed' cd, the greatest hits' of Michael, for the winner! I give you, about  (two) weeks time, Enjoy!
Hugs Jaana xxx

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Thanks to Everyone for the Congrats!!
Was this fun or what? I am over here doing my happy Dance!!!


The CD is on its way to Kellie! I just posted it today and I hope it will arrive safely, I tried to pack it very well.

Kellie please let me know when you get the CD.

I will let you know when the Greatest Hits of Michael.. Hits my mail box ok.
I am so thrilled to have this Platinum Albumn Signed by Michael, :)
Thanks so very much Jaana for this.

Hi Jaana,
Wanted to let you know that I recieved the Greatest Hits CD today!!!
I was so excited to open it and see Michael's Autograph!
In the copy I have, that was purchased in CA, there is a small strip of
Platinum in side the CD casing, but I am sure this one with his signature
is much more meaningful for me. Thanks again Jaana, and I will look forward
to more competitions.

Take Care,
Hi Kellie!
I'm happy it didn't took longer with post and You have allready recieved it, safely. Hope You enjoy it :)

Take care,
Jaana xxx


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