You know..I was in Romania, Costanta! Att the 'press conferess' too, lol!
Sooo, now i would like to make a competition, for of all of You!
GUESS, what, two (2) things, i've got, in home (with me), in Finland, today! I wash aloud to take those, after Michael's press conferess, I did asked it, lol!
So, here is ' the picture'! You can ´see´the answer, from it, lol! I do, will, also send you a photograph of those thing's...but i need to know...exatly...those 'things' lol! I've got 'signed' cd, the greatest hits' of Michael, for the winner! I give you, about  (two) weeks time, Enjoy!
Hugs Jaana xxx

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Hih...another pic!

So... (2) things...i've got, from, that table, lol!
Hugs Jaana, from Finland, lol!
2 things from the table?
Just so I am clear on this.

Thanks Jaana for a tough competition. Glad you had fun too!

Hih! If You look carefully these 2 pic's....there is something different between them, lol!
Soon, I'm going to tell, who is the winner :)
Hi Jaana, that’s very sweet of you to start a competition and share your good fortune! Well, I can’t participate in this one, but hopefully, the next competition will be blind-friendly! Lol Good luck to all! Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi Silvy! Ask your friends...they will help you, lol!
Jaana ,i will say the bottle of water and glass that Michael used .Now you have 2 bottles of water that MB drank from.Hope you have recovered from your trip xxx
You had to have grabbed the water bottle and there was a napkin but there was something by the microphone on his right A white long thin object cant tell what it was. WOW this was really hard!!!! I even looked at another picture and there was not much else in front of him! Unless you took him Phones (Just Kidding)! Or his glass! Ok its probably wrong but the water bottle and napkin. Lame I know

Love Eileen xoxo
I think Jaana kidnapped MB and that she is hiding him in Finland, that is how MB knows Jaana is from Helsinki and Jaana knows he was 'happy'!!!

If not, then it is probably his water bottle and coaster (napkin) on the table in front of him.
This is tough I really do think the water bottle. And the pen he used to sign things. Just a guess.Haha this is a toughie. Good Competition thanks.x

Hey Janniche, well, if that's the way you treat Michael, I'm not sure you should be trusted with him! lol Love you silly girl, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hey Janniche, that’s really sweet of you to suggest that but it’s okay. I mentioned it to Jaana because I felt the need to, but I do have a few signed items I’ve gotten over the years so someone else can have a shot at it. Don’t worry, if the prize was something I wanted badly, I would pester someone to help me! Lol God bless you sweetie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


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