You know..I was in Romania, Costanta! Att the 'press conferess' too, lol!
Sooo, now i would like to make a competition, for of all of You!
GUESS, what, two (2) things, i've got, in home (with me), in Finland, today! I wash aloud to take those, after Michael's press conferess, I did asked it, lol!
So, here is ' the picture'! You can ´see´the answer, from it, lol! I do, will, also send you a photograph of those thing's...but i need to know...exatly...those 'things' lol! I've got 'signed' cd, the greatest hits' of Michael, for the winner! I give you, about  (two) weeks time, Enjoy!
Hugs Jaana xxx

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I think
1) his pen
2) his conference pass ( I mean that piece of paper on writting his name ...which he had around his neck)

Silvy from CH
p.s. Jaana, I've read your message.
Hi Janna,
I will say the bottle cap and a copy of One World One Love CD signed.

Hello Jaana, I think it would be a bottle of water and a piece of cardboard under the glass !! Perhap's i think right So if i'll win I want a photo of yours treasors Thank's a lot in advance !!! LOL Bye BD
Question here? Are the items you have, only from the table? Second guess is, the bottle cap and the coaster.

If it were anything in the Picture, does that mean, the other Men, including Michael? LOL
Then my choices would be different.

Third guess from me and final,
Jaana you have Michael's glass he drank from and the bottle of water.

Jaana, I think I finally may have it, You asked to take photos of Michael and you now have them developed in your hands at home. If so please share them with us all here!!!!! Wait a minute, you have shown us Two photos.
Hi Kellie!
There are more pictures, under the 'Consert in Romania' -discussion, have a look! 'll put some more there later, cause somehow couldn't make an album 'to the photos', here??! I also made an album in my facebook -sites, You should see those too!
Love Jaana xxx

Hi Jaana,
Going to check them out now, and thanks in advance!

I'm trying to think of the things that I personally would have taken so if your mind works the same as mine I would have taken-

The water bottle, the timetable, also Michaels notes, the pen, Michaels napkin, the coaster from under the glass and the Cd that Michael showed to the press photographers.

Am I close? Ha Ha Ha!!

I would also have taken the microphones, all of the posters, his jumper, T-shirt, jeans, the chair, shoes......

I would have needed a very large suitcase for on the flight home. Ha Ha!!

Thank you Jaana, for running this fun competition.

Love Jennifer XX
Jennifer, I thought you would have taken Michael as a souvenir over anything on the table!!! lol
Yea Jennifer,
we know you would have stuffed Michael in that suitcase as well! Ha Ha



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