You know..I was in Romania, Costanta! Att the 'press conferess' too, lol!
Sooo, now i would like to make a competition, for of all of You!
GUESS, what, two (2) things, i've got, in home (with me), in Finland, today! I wash aloud to take those, after Michael's press conferess, I did asked it, lol!
So, here is ' the picture'! You can ´see´the answer, from it, lol! I do, will, also send you a photograph of those thing's...but i need to know...exatly...those 'things' lol! I've got 'signed' cd, the greatest hits' of Michael, for the winner! I give you, about  (two) weeks time, Enjoy!
Hugs Jaana xxx

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Hi Jaana, thanks for this little competition!!
I am going to guess you took the water bottle and the napkin/coaster the water bottle was sitting on.
Take care,
Right, this really is my last guess, but on the table in front of Michael there is a black square cube box. I cant make out what it is but it appears in one photo but not in the other. So, maybe thats one item.

The second is, I think, the napkin or coaster that is under Michaels glass?

Thats it, I give up now and I'm all 'guessed out' now.

Good luck everyone and hugest thanks to Jaana for giving us the opportunity to win a prize.

Love Jennifer XX

I think the time for revealing the correct answer of my competition has come!

As you can see in the picture....the 2 things I got from Michael's press conference in Constanta were the cap and the coaster where he put the bottle.

And the jury of the contest, me and Florin have decided that the only one who gave the right answer was Kellie Brown! Congratulations Kellie, you have won Michael Bolton Greatest Hits signed!!! ( I also bought this CD from Constanta-Romania.)

Please send me a PM with your postal address.


PS.More contests to come!!!
Hello Everybody Congratulations Kellie I have the cd but not signed, of course.... Bye BD
LOL Cute, Congrats Kellie!
Robin :)
Congratulation Kellie I know you will love this :)
And it's your birthday in a few days so that's nice!
Love Dianna xxx
Congratulations Kellie on winning the contest! And again I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!!!!

Love Eileen xoxo
Congratulations Kellie!!

Yaaaay, what a lovely prize, this is very generous of you Jaana.

Love Jennifer XX

PS Jaana, I have sent you a private message.
Ah well done Kellie .Thanks Jaana ,you are very kind for sharing.xx
Hi Jaana,
This is such a wonderful Birthday you have made for me!!!
Thank You so very much for your generous prize!!!
I will PM my address, and looking forward to more contest.
This one was a lot of fun too,

congratulations Kellie!
congratulations Kellie!


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