Some of you have seen mention of Michael's mother on other people's social media.  I wanted to let you know that Helen passed away at home last Sunday surrounded by family and friends.  A private ceremony was held and if Michael feels he wants to make a statement to everyone it will be posted here on the main page as well as his other media sites.  He and his family thank all of you for your sensitivity and understanding.  Gail

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Bless her soul. She was one of the sweetest ladies and enjoyed all of us fans at the MBC events over the years in CT. I am so sorry to hear this. I have fond memories of Ms. Helen.  She said we were her fans too!! LOL  She was so right about that. Michael posted on Twitter  for her 95th birthday this year and shared tweets to her at that time from way he wrote back.    He adored his mom.  

Thank you for giving us an official statement on her passing.

MB and his family have my sincere sympathy for their loss.

Robin in MD :)

Helen was a hoot and will be missed by everyone!  I remember the MBC fan receptions over the years. She had as much fun as we did.  Queen Helen, loved to sit in her chair and have all the fans come talk to her and take pictures. I remember one event when we first started doing the fan reception at the MBC charity weekend and we had a small auction. One of the things was a cd and it had a song on it that Helen had never heard (right now I can't remember which one) so we found a cd player and played it for her. I'll never forget her face listening to that song!!!

AWWW Gail, Priceless!!LOL Wonderful memories. YES she would sit and we'd all go talk to her, take our turns, get pictures. I remember those years too.  When she came into the lobby of the hotel she was expecting us all to go to her too! :)

I don't remember now what song, but I remember people saying she hadn't heard one of his songs before at the MBC event weekend.

Robin in MD :) was When There Are No Words which was a bonus track included on the UK version of All That Matters.

Rest in Peace were a memorable original. 

My sympathy to the family.

Thank you Gail for sharing the passing of Ms Helen with all of us. She certainly made her mark with all us fans! I remember meeting her during the Greek Theatre series of multiple concerts Michael had in Hollywood. She was adorable and sweet and sassy as ever and having as much fun at the concerts as we fans were!! My heart goes out to Michael and the entire Bolotin family at this difficult time. Ms Helen sure had a wonderful  full life shared with her children and great and grandchildren!!! Sending my deepest sympathies to you Michael and your family. Bless all of you!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

The song was 'When There are No Words', the bonus track from 'All That Matters'.  That was one of my favorite moments with Helen as well :)

She was truly a wonderful lady.   I will always remember the wonderful times at the Fan Receptions and especially how she made me feel so very comfortable chatting with her.  The year I won one of the bids for a Meet and Greet (still to use) she was sooooo thrilled for me ..... Totally agree with Gail "Helen was a hoot and will be missed by everyone!"  My sincerest sympathies and prayers to Michael and his family ...

Thanx for sharing Gail. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family at this sad time.
I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Bolton but not his dear mother!! I heard so many wonderful things about her and from his autobiography!! She sounded like a beautiful woman with so much love for others and her family!! Must of been the sweetest woman ever!! My heart, my thoughts, my prayers, and my sympathy go out to all of Michael Bolton and his entire family!! LOVE, GINA BRUSCATO

Thanks so much for putting this official notice on here Gail .... thank you !!!   Thanks girls for sharing your wonderful memories of Michael's mother, Helen, with us and how I wish I could have met her but from all the stories and all the wonderful pictures I have seen of her, I feel I knew her and what an honour it was.  I am so pleased I lived and walked on this planet at the same time she did.

My heartfelt sympathies go out to all the family, from you Michael to Orrin and Sandra, to her grandchildren and great grandchildren and to everyone whose lives she touched that, on her passing, only sorrow is felt.   I hope it will not be too long before the warmth of your memories help you smile, once again, when thinking of her and that warmth gives you comfort.

Goodnight Helen  ..  sleep well and I hope our souls cross paths again !!!

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend


Gail, Thank you for letting us know. My Mother passed away fairly unexpectedly 5 years ago and it was heart wrenching. I wish she had as full a life as Helen had. I feel so sad for the family and they have my heartfelt sympathy.

Would the family accept cards?


I am so so Sad. Helen was a beautiful Soul. Love and Prayers to the entire family and Michael, With Gods Love


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