Some of you have seen mention of Michael's mother on other people's social media.  I wanted to let you know that Helen passed away at home last Sunday surrounded by family and friends.  A private ceremony was held and if Michael feels he wants to make a statement to everyone it will be posted here on the main page as well as his other media sites.  He and his family thank all of you for your sensitivity and understanding.  Gail

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Thank You Gail for posting Michael's Mother's obituary, reading it made me know her a little more! I know they All miss her very much!!!

Mary meg's mom)!

That was a beautiful ! Helen's life was so full... mother , sister, grandmother, an advocate and just an amazing human being ! It's so touching when people give of themselves and leave that legacy to their loved ones. Regards, Usha , Mississauga OnCanada. Thank you Gail.

so sad rest in peace sweet Helen xxx

Sadly missed along life's way,

quietly remembered every day...

No longer in our life to share,

but in our hearts, you're always there.

RIP Helen 

Even tho I never met your mother Michael, I know she is loving you all that she held dear to her heart and will be by your sides till the day you all meet up again.



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