Hi all sorry I was not here after my accident 4 weeks ago....

Dear friends.


Some off you have sent me a message were I am on the forum?

I had a accident with my scooter and my dad's.

It was a very hot day to we thought lets have a drive on the scooters and go in to the woods..So we did.

After something to drink and a nice few we went (I thought) but we all know men and cars....

So the saw a lot off old great looking cars on the parking place..they didn't stoped my didn't gave gas...same lol.


Before I know I was hearing the 2 scooters bumping into eachother and after that I don't know. I went out off my body and

saw everything from outside my body....Yes very strange. Till a woman asked me my name: Jacqueline....I thought why does

she ask me this?

Till I open my eyes and saw myself on the road...Next to my arm a some wood that had also come in my head ore body..The lady who saw me falling said;"you have soooo many angels around you"...Yes I know that I said and so did she ;)


I went to the hospital but they didn't take a picture off my food than. I was in a lot off pain and the next days after I could feel how I had to been fallen on the road...Now 4 weeks later I am still not able to stay on my right food but it is not broken because after 4 days I went again to the dokters and hospital to make a picture...

But they always say that something broken heals quiker...that is true because with my fibromyalgie with it takes more time and nobody can see something from the outside.


Lucky I have lots off help from my parents because I am not able to drive, do the house ore cook...So my parents come and help me with everything. The fibromyalgie is getting wors...That I had to ask for a speciale parkingcard for infalid...Not that I liked it but because I need it. The men who gave it to me also wanted me to ask for a weelchair...Awww .


I am young and dont want that but there is nothing to say about this...

Any way sorry that I have not posted here and forgot some birthdays...


But I am recovering from my accident that is taken tooooooo long.


I hope you all understand now.

lots of love and big hugs Jacqueline xxxxxx/xoxoxoxoxo

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Hey Jacqueline--OMG what a horrible accident you went through. I am so sorry to hear you had all this happen to you. I hope and pray you recover soon and things get back to normal for you. It's great you have your parents to help you while you are recovering. I know fibromyalgia can take it's toll on a person, and then to have this accident yet.. Oh my...Thank you for taking time to write to us all here..You have been missed!!!

Please take care, wishing you a speedy recovery!
Thanks dear I hope I will...lots of love and a big hug back jacqueline xxxxxxxxxxx
ciao carissima jacqueline ,mi spiace tantissimo per quello che ti è successo.
sono felice però di sentire che lentamente ti stai riprendendo con l'aiuto di chi ti vuole bene
anche se da lontano spero di farti arrivare un fortissimo e grande abbraccio.
tanti tanti auguri da cristina .a presto ciao
Oh no, Jac!!!

I am so sorry to hear of your accident darling.

We are a scooter family and own Vespas and know how some other road users treat the scooter riders without any sort of my sons have all been knocked off aswell. Luckily, without too much damage to either themselves or their scooters.

I hope that things work out for you and that you are feeling better really, REALLY quickly. This is a horrid to have happenned to you and I hope that mentally and physically you can move one.

Sending you huge hugs and healing cuddles and warm, loving prayers

Jennifer XXXX
Jacqueline I have wondered where you have been
Thanks gosh you will be alright long way to recovery I know and you are blessed to have your parents around for help when you need it
Take care of yourself
Thinking of you and sending "get well soon" hugs{{{{{{{{{{{{{Jacqueline}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Love Dianna xxx
Ah Jac you poor thing .Hope you are doing better.xx
Get well soon Jackie!!

Love Eileen xoxo
Thank you all and grazie molto,

I know that I have been lucky...aldo It doesn't feels that way ...
But with all the love and hugs it has to get better real soon lol...
I have become the hugs also if they came from far away.

lots of love Jacqueline xxxxxxxxx/xoxoxoxoxoxo
Oh Jacqueline I,m so sorry to hear about your accident and the ordeal you went through. Sounds like you have brilliant parents. Hope you start recovering soon Jacqueline, I will pray for you.
Love Sandra xx
Dear Jacqueline, thank you for updating us on why you haven’t been able to post here. I’m really sorry about your accident and wish you well on the road to recovery. You were very fortunate overall sweetie! It could have been a lot worse… Aww, I’m sure no one blames you for not being on the forum! Yes it’s fun to keep in touch with your friends, but working at getting better is much more important! I’m really glad that at least, you’re feeling up to writing! I know nothing about fibromyalgia but I will look it up. We’re all sending you positive energy for you to get quickly back on your feet again! Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi, Jacquieline
What a terrible accident, in spite of you are a very lucky girl
I hope you get well as soon as posible.Take care
Hi Jacqueline!!!!!!!!!
So sorry that you had an accident and your fibromyalgie is worst because of that, but with your family care and love it is easy to coop with and the tender love and care will help you to heal.
Get well soon!!!!!!!


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