Hi all sorry I was not here after my accident 4 weeks ago....

Dear friends.


Some off you have sent me a message were I am on the forum?

I had a accident with my scooter and my dad's.

It was a very hot day to we thought lets have a drive on the scooters and go in to the woods..So we did.

After something to drink and a nice few we went (I thought) but we all know men and cars....

So the saw a lot off old great looking cars on the parking place..they didn't stoped my didn't gave gas...same lol.


Before I know I was hearing the 2 scooters bumping into eachother and after that I don't know. I went out off my body and

saw everything from outside my body....Yes very strange. Till a woman asked me my name: Jacqueline....I thought why does

she ask me this?

Till I open my eyes and saw myself on the road...Next to my arm a some wood that had also come in my head ore body..The lady who saw me falling said;"you have soooo many angels around you"...Yes I know that I said and so did she ;)


I went to the hospital but they didn't take a picture off my food than. I was in a lot off pain and the next days after I could feel how I had to been fallen on the road...Now 4 weeks later I am still not able to stay on my right food but it is not broken because after 4 days I went again to the dokters and hospital to make a picture...

But they always say that something broken heals quiker...that is true because with my fibromyalgie with it takes more time and nobody can see something from the outside.


Lucky I have lots off help from my parents because I am not able to drive, do the house ore cook...So my parents come and help me with everything. The fibromyalgie is getting wors...That I had to ask for a speciale parkingcard for infalid...Not that I liked it but because I need it. The men who gave it to me also wanted me to ask for a weelchair...Awww .


I am young and dont want that but there is nothing to say about this...

Any way sorry that I have not posted here and forgot some birthdays...


But I am recovering from my accident that is taken tooooooo long.


I hope you all understand now.

lots of love and big hugs Jacqueline xxxxxx/xoxoxoxoxo

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Glad to hear that everyone is making a recovery from the accident, these things take time to get over, just remember,
Time, Love, and Tenderness!

Janniche Glad to hear everyone is starting to heal! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!!

Love Eileen xoxo
Jacqueline good to hear you are getting there!
I hope you can walk normal again as well!
Love Dianna xxx
Jacqueline, Glad to here your feeling better hope your foot gets better soon!
I hope everything is better before you go on vacation!! I'm sure that will help
getting away and relaxing. My thoughts and prayer are with you!
Love Eileen xoxo
Hi all,
Sorry I have not been here again for a very long time..After my accident and that is almost 5 monts ago my foot is still not good..let say when I went on my vacation I went out off the bus and my bad feet said ;krrrk again. NO not broken again not but had to stay for 6 days in a weelchair..When I was back at home my mother already had called my docter and I had to go to him and we had to make pictures again...;( Anyway I am in a weelchair aswell and that can take a very long time because next to my fibro I have dystovie....that means rest rest rest...pffffffffffff the docters told me that is can go over but that every stap that I make is one to many...
If the accident was not enough but with a lot off people the can become this after a operation ore accident.."lucky me". And if that was not enough I have a infection in my body and we dont know why ore were from so have to take it again veryyyyy slowly and have to take next to all my meds also 3000mg!!!off vit. C.

Any way lets hope that all the rest off my dear friends are doing fine.

lots of love as always Jacqueline xxxxx/xoxoxoxoxo

Son dear has taken this picturer because I was not able to get off the hotel...;(

This is me now with my grandson...the next grandchild wil be born in 9 weeks.....lucky us..finally some luck lol
Gail do you know why I had to sign in again with my name so nothing is under my old name from now???
thanks dear xxx/xoxoxoxox
Dear Jacqueline, do you know the English expression :”when it rains, it pours”? Oh my goodness, you are one heck of a strong lady my dear! Good luck on a speedy recovery and enjoy being taken care of for a while. If the doctor says you have to be off your feet, then it’s the best thing. Well, at least, if you can’t walk around, you should have moretime to catch up with everything you’ve missed here! :D Take good care of yourself Jacqueline and hope you’re comfortable at least. Hope to see you around more! And congratulations on the additions to the family! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Thanks Sylvie,
Yes I know the expression lol and it has been pouring for 24 years now...and it never stops..What the docter says and what I am doing are 2 differend things lol...I am not really a type that can do nothing..And if I have my bad days I am in bed sleeping so not really a nice time to spend more time in here ;(
Have been to the hospital and the infection in my body is still there.Still pouring lol...And next to this I was on the phone for 2 weeks because we had wather in the walls,floor etc...It will be ok but it a big thing because my living room that is big has to be empty.......auwww How do I do this lol ....So NO rest for me. Lucky we dont have to pay this because its more than $10.000 and this thanks because a new wasmachine ...........Any way its pouring not just normale but also out off the floor lol...

lots of love and thanks Jacqueline xxxxxx
Oh my goodness sweetie, you're gonna have to build an ark! lol Poor girlfriend... well, at least it's nice to know you still have your sense of humor through all this! I really hope they can at least get rid of your infection for now, that would be a nice start! Well Jacqueline, I can't offer much comfort but I'm sending you a big virtual hug! Keep that beautiful attitude of yours and God bless you! Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


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