Hey, I was wondering what everyones first experience was of enjoying Michael's music? the first time you realised you were a fan?


I must admit, my first interaction was when I watched the movie Snow Dogs a couple of years ago and heard Time, Love and Tenderness at the end, I thought it was fantastic and my love has just grown from there!

Sorry if this has already been discussed before, but I'm interested to hear your stories!



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Hi Sylvia,


I have a ticket for Michael's concert on sunday the 26th of june 2011 in Antwerp (Koningin Elisabethzaal or in English Queen Elisabeth hall).



Hi Hilde,


Thanks a million for letting us know - I am absolutely certain we do not have a note of that - I'll drop a wee note to Gail and see if she has heard - thanks again Hilde......a little while to wait yet for your concert but I hope when it arrives you have a great time and as I have said, in the meantime, come on into the other threads and get chatting with us - WELCOME Hilde to the BB's !!!  :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

It was in 1989 or 90 can't really remember but it feels like always to me. It was right after Cher recorded his song I found someone, and boy did I, Michael Bolton. I also remember when he palyed softball called the Bolton Bombers played for Charity or fun, but he always had a game the night before the concert. I remember that Celion Dion was his warm up band, I remember her singing the National Anthem at the game. I've seen him 6 times and last 3 times have been within the last 27 months. I can now afford to sit up close and personal with him. The last 3 concerts, first I had my picture taken with him, second I got his autograph, because I stalked the place and just happen to run in to him and went up to him and he ask me if I wanted his autograph, and just last sunday, well, I got to tell him his fly was unzipped. I bet no one ever has told him that and I'm sure he's been told a lot of things in his life. I keep telling myself that one day he will notice me. But after the zipper thing how can you forget that. It's funny because my daughter that is 26 has almost always heard Michael Bolton singing and now her daughter 2 bounces and sings and just has a ball when we listen to him. I'm teaching her now that it's Michael Bolton and she will now the words, because I figure I will take her to a concert and if he see her singing, he won't be able to resist her, and that's my backstage ticket....LOL

OMG Alisa neat story and uh how did you actually tell him? Did you walk up to the stage and tell him? LORDY!! He probably won't forget that. I remember the old days with Celine opening for him and the Bomber's games, we loved them as much as the concerts too!!!! Great fun!!!


We have a concert tour review thread, feel free to go there and post about the concert! We welcome any and all fans' reviews!!!!


Thanks for sharing your story, you made me laugh!!

Robin in Maryland :)

Well he came out and sat down right in front of me and right off the bat I noticed, I told my daughter and told her I have to tell him.So I went to the stage and stood there yelling Michael, Michael, Hey Mike and then he looked at me and I said YOUR PANTS IS UNZIPPED, he look at me and said OMG are you for real? Really, I said yes. He smiled and said Thank You, then told everyone to turn their heads. It was funny. My picture on here was when he looked at me and kinda waited for me to take the picture. I think that was his way of saying Thank You. I told one of my friends that with this being the 3rd time with interacting with him like that, that the 3 date rule should apply.

Hi Alisa and welcome to the forum. OMG that’s too funny! Lol Poor Michael, how embarrassing… lol Sweetie, you should definitely come and share your review with everyone! The tour review thread Robin started is here:


I hope you come join us all there! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Alisa,


Great story and thanks for sharing and you know how you get his attention at the next show - tell him his fly is undone again !!!  :)

That would make a pretty good question on his Facebook, question and answer section - how did you really feel when a member of the audience told you ............... !!!! :)


Sylvia    Your wee Scottish friend.

Hi Sylvia,

who needs enemies if someone has a friend like you ...? (lololol)

Astrid - your friend from Germany!

Hi Astrid,


No one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   LOL LOL LOL


Sylvia.    Your wee Scottish friend.

LOL!!!!!!!  So true Astrid, Sylvia is bad!!!!




"Go the Distance"

I saw the film when I was 5, now I am 18. My mother and I watched the movie at home (the german version) and danced around. My father saw us and laughed. They married 2008 and their song for the marriage was "Go the distance" because of that moment. I never thought about the guy who was called Michael Bolton and sing the original version. But after I heard the original version I fell for his voice and after "Jack Sparrow" I became a big fan. So you see I am very new but c'mon. How many teenagers are a fan of that guy today? I am proud to love his music. It doesn't matter what my friends or other people say.

This man is an awesome singer/ songwriter and one of my idols because he kept beeing naturally and dind't become a man who is living for luxus and cameras. His charity works are so lovely. I wish there would be more humans like him.

But thanks for being who you are Michael!

Sorry for my broken englisch

Greetings from Germany


WELCOME to the forum Christin and thanks very much for sharing with us how you became a fan of Michael's and glad you are too !!  I have to let you know that you are not the youngest member on here for we have a girl called Anna Horn who lives in Indiana, USA,  who is 13 and she is a big fan and we also have a girl in Norway, Janniche, and she is now 20 and she has been a fan for many years too.....Janniche is studying so isn't in as much as she used to be and Anna doesn't pop in too often either as she is more on FB but I do hope you will stay with us and come in to our different threads and join with us in our discussions that we have on all things Michael !! :)

Welcome again Christin !!! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



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