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Hello Charlette,

Welcome to the forum.


Have you managed to have a look around the site to see all of the  different sections? If you click above on the gallery tab, you can look at all the wonderfu lphotos that we have all uploaded. You can add your own here too. 


I'm sure you'll find some surprises in each thread. There are loads of photographs that you might not have seen before and reviews of concert and a history thread providing tons of information about Michaels early music etc.....(Warning: make a cup of tea and get comfortable before you settle down to explore because there is some really interesting stuff here you wont be able to tear yourself away. Ha Ha!!)


This is a really fun place to be so heres looking forward to seeing your posts around on here.


If you get stuck, in the off topic section there is a 'Hints and tips' thread to help you out.


Love Jennifer XX




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