If YOU had the opportunity to spend one day with Michael?

Where would you chose to spend it with Michael?



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I would love to see his recording studio and have him explain how the recording process works and have him talk about how all of that came about there at the studio in CT. Just talk about that end of his music and how a song gets from his thoughts and ideas to finally become the finished product we all love.

Robin :)
In bed!!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!

No seriously, I would let him nap for a few hours while I lay next to him watching him sleep, stroking his beautiful curls, then I'd wake him up with Earl Grey tea, hot buttered toast and my Mums ginger jam, and we'd go to the studio sing duets together.

Aaaaaah pure heaven.

Love Jennifer XXXX
Ps do I have to wake up now???
Music is Michael's passion, photography is mine! I would love to have a whole day, access all areas to photograph him be it at home, at work or a live performance, a photo documentary! oz.x
I pick you, Ozlem, as the winner and I am going to send you a copy of the New CD. it's not a Signed copy but it your's to get signed by "The Man". This was my thread topic and a surprise. You Won!!!

Please Send me an Address to recieve your prize!

Send it to:
Well that's a nice gesture Kellie
How sweet
Love Dianna xxx
Oh my goodness, what a surprise! Thank You Thank You!! I have never won anything before, I was hoping that I may be lucky to win the other signed CD because it was the day after my birthday! This is so lovely Thank you again! oz.x
Your Welcome Ozlem.
Happy Birthday too!

Thank you! oz.x
He , Oz

happy birthday and congratulations.
Hei Kelly, what a surprise!
Silvy XX
Thanks Silvy! ...oz.x
Congrats to YOU, Ozlem! I know, this is a stupid question, but is Ozlem your real name...? First, second...or a nickname (as I'm from Finland, newer heard it before), lol!
Hi, Oz
Sorry, I missed your birthday
I hope you had a wonderful one, by the way
welcome abourd !!!
Take care


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