Saw Michael in Portsmouth, N.H. Sunday evening.  He looked and sounded great. He did several duets with his backup singers.  They were awesome.  Great voices.  They did a great job.  Had a  new drummer from his hometown that was very good looking.

     The band was great as always.  Of course the night went by too fast.  Got to shake hands with Michael.  Oh did I mention that myself and my girlfriend Deb had front row awesome seats and Michael was right there playing his guitar in front of us.

      G-Pa still rocks.  He sounded great as always after 20 plus years of seeing him in concert and at golf tournaments we sill have not tired of him and his music.  Can't wait to see him again.  Hopefully in his home state sometime soon.

      Hope you all enjoy his concert as much as we always do.

                                                                                                            Sue & Deb

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Hi Sue and so glad you had such a terrific concert and that you got that all important hand shake.....great feeling for sure !!! :)   I have put in link to a thread called 2014 Tour Review and wondered if you would maybe like to come over and leave your review of the concert on there and have a little look round and see other reviews from other shows but obviously, only if you want to Sue but please think about !!! :)

Drummer's name is Drew McKeon and he has been with Michael for a little while now and believe if memory serves me right it is well over a year for Jason is coming up for being back a year and Drew had joined band prior to that but please don't take my word on it for my memory sure ain't what it was !!!!! lol

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Sue, so good to read you on here! Glad you and Deb had such a great time and awesome you were in first row! How is Debbie doing?  I miss you guys and wish we could attend an event together again... Well anyway, thanks very much for posting and hope you come join us in the tour thread if you can take the time. Take care sweetie and please tell Deb I said hi! Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie QC Canada :D

Hi Sylvie,

                  Debbie is doing fine we had dinner together before the concert and very much enjoyed Michael as always.  Last time we saw him was in Springfield, Mass. over two years ago.

                   Hoping he will do a show down at Foxwoods Casino in Conn. sometime soon. That is only two hours from us.  He has been touring a lot that's for sure.  He looks great as always.  Hopefully he will spend time with his family this summer enjoying his grandchildren.

                     Hope all is well.  Take care Sylvie.





Hi again Sue,  glad to hear Deb is well, hope you are too for that matter! Lol We’re all fine here, the only way I could be better is to have a concert myself. My last one was April 3 2009 and the Feb Montreal concert still hasn’t been rescheduled. Oh how I loved Foxwoods... Chances are he’ll be playing golf close to home this summer and yes, he could probably use a longer break, although to our Michael, a break from touring doesn’t mean a complete break. Well anyway, good to hear from you Sue, take goodcare and don’t be a stranger! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie QC Canada :D


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