Hi all,

With only 2 weeks to go till the big night, im a little confused as to how the meet and greet works. I purchased the magical moment tickets and received them no problem. My question is, when does the m&g happen?  My ticket says the doors open at 630pm.  On websites about the show, it tells me showtime is 7pm-9pm.  I wouldve thought that m&g wouldve happened before the concert.  Can anyone shed any light on this please? 

Thanks :) 

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There are a few other fans who have bought the same tickets as you and will come in eventually and answer your question but from what I understand you need to get there when the doors open and go to a special area set aside for these passes and collect the laminates and other info. The meet and greets are after the concert.

Hi Margaret-Anne and I'm going to Glasgow show so hope to see you there !!! :)

First of all on concert times Gabrielle is Michael's opening act.  She is on from 7.30 - 8.15 or, thereabouts and then Michael is on from 8.45 until 10.30 or, thereabouts !!! lol   I'm going to show tonight so will obviously have better idea of timings and just how things working out this year.

On M&G when you get to venue look for SJM VIP Desk and I shouldn't wonder if it will be near box office and if you can't see right away check with box office for believe they are bound to know where it is.  Information I received from SJM Concerts said that VIP Desks will be open when venue opens unless venue is one open all day and then VIP Desk will open at 7.00.  I'm not too sure if layout has changed in the Armadillo as years since I've been there for concert but things were easy to find way back then so can't see it having altered all that much.  Just to add you should have received an e-mail from SJM Concerts giving you information about your collection of Magical Moment Packages so have a little check through those if haven't spotted.  When you get to Desk you are being given your laminate and all the gifts and you will also be informed of where meeting point is for M&G.  As Gail has said M&G's are AFTER show.

As I say will report with more info after tonight's show for believe they will be run along similar lines.  Don't worry about finding out everything for it WILL work out okay and I will look out for you at Glasgow and promise too I will be having little look round all those there to make sure no one looks a little lost. 

Any other questions, just shout....okay ???? :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Hi Ladies, 

Many thanks for your replies. Much appreciated.

That clears a lot of confusion up for me as when i saw concert times of 7pm-9pm i was sure the m&g wouldnt be after the show but this is not the  case.

I have yet to receive an email from SJM Concerts, just hope this arrives before the actual big night!!! When i head in ill make sure to go to security so they can point me and my friend in the right direction.  Im sooooooooo excited for this and cannot wait to meet thee man himself :) xx 


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