Have decided to start this thread to give Marie somewhere to place the collages that she designs and produces of Michael and generally only displays over in FB so that all those on here have opportunity to see her absolutely beautiful work as well as giving her a place where she can come into and place her collages herself without having to wonder if she is putting them in the right place.

From 12th June, 2014, combined a thread called "Bolton Art" with this one in order that forms of artistic licence with photos of Michael could be displayed in one place so people know where to come to to see the pictures and also where they can feel free to put their own and please, everyone, do feel free to post your very own "works of art".  



Sylvia on behalf of Marie.    Your wee Scottish friend and your, No.1 fan of Michael's, Czech friend.


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rare lessons

That is a good one Marie, love it !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Amazing time

Amazing time jn UK

 always best of all time

Thanks Marie and yes I think Michael did have a wonderful time in the UK and can't wait to welcome him back !!! :)   Thanks again Marie and I am playing serious catch up !!! LOL

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend AGAIN


This may be relevant or it may just be my suspicious nature I have had 2 friends request from Michael Bolton thanking for being at his concerts etc is this some new idea of Michaels or is someone trying to use his name has anyone else had this

Hi Pauline and would say it is a scam.  Haven't heard of Michael doing that and somehow can't really see it for don't believe he would have the time.  I'd be inclined to mention it to Gail in a message on her page for don't believe she follows this thread.

These scammers will get up to anything and that is definitely one where they could catch people who have just been to concert and riding on a high....it's really quite pathetic and wish could get a hold of them and kick them onto another planet !!! lol

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend AGAIN


Pauline, I did read this today...afraid I don't always catch all the threads each day.  Michael is not sending out friend requests from facebook.  It is a scam I'm sure. If you can send me a l link to this person's facebook page it would help to get them off facebook. Michael's official site is one you like and not friend.  He also has a blue circle and white check to show it is official.  If you can go to one of those messages and click on the name and then send me the link from your browser it sent you to that would be great.


I can´t await

Nice one Marie and looks a bit like my wee car sitting outside office waiting to pick Michael up ????  LOL

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Sylvia, where I can see this Your pic ?


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