Hello MB  fans OMGosh I just got off the phone with the radio station and I said I would do anything for M&G passes, so I did my best begging and it worked,  tonight I get to meet Michael Bolton!!!!! They gave a contest 25th caller who could name 5 of his songs, well I didn't get through, was #3, but that's when I put myself to action and said I'm gonna meet this man before I die!! I called and asked the DJ to PLEASE let me meet him, then I simply begged and begged and shared my MB stories. We also discussed what he was going to wear tonight, he said something red, but I told him white and probably blue thats what I was feeling. If anyone has meet him in the past I would love some insight tips!!! Love ya Sylvia from Tx :-D

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Oh wow Sylvie!! I am absolutely and truly delighted for you. You did it!! Yaaaaay!!!

Ive met with Michael several times and it is absolutely amazing.

Tim, Michaels manager will probably come out to talk to you before you meet with Michael and give you the normal 'dont touch, grope or try and cuddle Michael etc..,he'll also tell you that you wont have long with him. This is true.

You will probably only get around 2 minutes with Michael so be prepared and have everything ready. Anything you would like signed (usually one item allowed) and have a camera ready set up for Tim to take the photograph. Michael uses his own sharpie pens for signing items and usually checks the photographs to make sure they've come out ok. Michael will put his arm around you for the photo so get ready to snuggle in close!!

Your time will really whizz by so be prepared.

Have any questions ready for Michael who will always do his best to answer them. He will proabably ask you if you enjoyed the show? Ask if you are attending any other concerts in the tour? and he might ask where you were sitting too. Michael will look you straight in your eyes when he talks to you so be prepared to melt.

Most of all...ENJOY!!! Oooh and please come back here and share your photographs and your reviews with us.

Very well done to you Sylvie.I am truly very excited for you. Are you taking anyone back with you? Husband? Friend?

Love Jennifer XXXX
Thank You Jennifer,
Oh my I'm so nervous, my husband bought me a ticket to thank me for helping him out during his surgery, becasue of this he will not be able to go, so i'm flying solo tonight. My sister also gave me tips, she said have a picture, sharpie, batteries charged for camera, and if I have a back up ride in case my car breaks down on the 15minute drive to the venue, lol, of course that was a joke, but I told her not to jinx me, she too saw Michael, i took her back in '92. Will we get to meet any of the band members? I have a pic of Chris I would like him to sign as well if he is still touring with Michael. Can I bring Michael a rose? or should I give it to him during the concert, I know it's reserved seats, but at the end of the show I'm prepared to go up front (if they let us, which they have in the past concerts I've seen there at that venue).
Thanks again. Love Sylvia from TX
Hi Jennifer, I see you are an expert on meeting Michael!!! I envy you!! If I ever had the chance to meet him I'd take into account all of this but I'm sure I'd never get prepared to receive a straight look from him!!!
Hi Sylvia, congratulations sweetie! Never underestimate the power of begging! Lol You took a chance and you got it girl! Lord have mercy Jen, thank goodness you warned her! Lol Those are very good tips Jennifer… I’m sorry but I think it’s hilarious that Tim warns people not to touch… :D Sylvia, I will be with you in spirit sweetie. Can you try and give him an extra hug for me? The excuse is that it’s for my birthday but I’ll let you share the benefits! Lol Tell him it’s from Sylvie from Montreal… Congratulations again and enjoy every little moment, we’ll wait for your report tomorrow! God bless you! Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi Sylvia,
Yes most definetly I will ask Michael for a birthday hug for you! When is it? Do you pronounce you name Syl V, with the E sound at the end, mine is Syl V Ah, just want to get it right. I guess an extra hug won't kill me.lol.
Take Care, Love ya Sylvia from Texas.
Congrats on the begging!!! I hope it all goes well for ya...I will be there in spirit with you...Yeah, Tim will also warn you not to try and kiss him!! In Nashville, he made a big point about that one, I guess he has had some try lately!!! we of course all would love to LOL. Don't be too nervous and have a good time for that minute or two, like Jennifer said, when you talk to him, he looks directly at you very intently!!! The first time he did that, I about melted and could hardly get my words out, but no one warned me about that as it was back in 94!! Just have fun and enjoy it...Don't forget to tell us how it goes!!
Hi again Sylvia, yes my name is pronounced with the "E" sound at the end, it's French! My mom's name was Sylvia. Today, August 30th is my birthday... Oh sweetie, you are so nice to selflessly offer to have another hug for me! lol Everyone says that Michael puts you right at ease Sylvia. I do understand you being nervous, it's okay to be nervous, but have a plan of what to say or ask and then just relax and wing it! BTW, sadly, Chris Camozzi isn't with the band since March of this year and neither are a lot of "old" band members. You can bring flowers, but it's up to each venue, I've heard, whether Michael will get it or not, although I know he'll enjoy the thought. Thanks sweetie and have a great time! Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Sylvie, Happy Birthday to You! Many blessings for a great day.
Love Sylvia from Texas
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am very happy for you.. I've met him over the years and one thing is be organized, have anything you want signed ready, name on a sticky with your name/pen ready just in case. Camera ready to in order to get a pic on your own camera if that's allowed. Think of a good music-relation question to ask him and be ready as it will go quick. He will make you feel very welcome, he's very sweet with his fans and gives you his full attention when talking to you. You could ask something you want to know about his career, newest album etc. Tell him what you thought of the show if it's an aftershow meet/greet, if it's before show, ask him something about it before-hand. Or share a nice story of yours about your being a fan like you did with the radio station, he will appreciate a die-hard fan getting to say hi.

Have a wonderful time, looking forward to reading your review after the show and meeting him!!!
Way to go!
Robin in Maryland
Hi Robin
Thanks for the advice, I'm so nervous, I went through my hope chest (plastic bin) in the garage and found my old tour books from concerts I went to, I also found some old pic of him, from various concerts. I tried to take a nap for tonight but couldn't. I kept thinking of what I wanted to ask him. I thought maybe ask him "Are you going to be on Dancing With the Stars?" they announce that tonight on Bachelor Pad, but i'll be at the concert! I'm sure he'll bring it up. I was also thinking about asking him about other forms of music he would like to sing, for example how about a gospel cd? what do you think of those questions? I don't know! I welcome any suggestions. Only 4 more hours till doors open. M & G will be after the show.
Take Care, Sylvia from Texas
You have your own good ideas Sylvia, I hope you hear right from him about Dancing with The Stars since the announcement is tonight anyway!!!

Congratulations!!!!!!! Enjoy every second!!!!!!!!


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