Hello MB  fans OMGosh I just got off the phone with the radio station and I said I would do anything for M&G passes, so I did my best begging and it worked,  tonight I get to meet Michael Bolton!!!!! They gave a contest 25th caller who could name 5 of his songs, well I didn't get through, was #3, but that's when I put myself to action and said I'm gonna meet this man before I die!! I called and asked the DJ to PLEASE let me meet him, then I simply begged and begged and shared my MB stories. We also discussed what he was going to wear tonight, he said something red, but I told him white and probably blue thats what I was feeling. If anyone has meet him in the past I would love some insight tips!!! Love ya Sylvia from Tx :-D

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Hello Sylvia, God bless you You win this and meeting Michael is a dream i have also !!! Congratulations for your opportunity !! Bye BD
Thank You Donsimoni,
I just got home, went to buy Michael some flowers, don't know when I'll ever get this chance again.
This night is for all his fans and for those who dream of meeting him one day. I truly appreciate your wishes, for it was this site and such great MB fans who gave me the courage to just go for it. I thank you all. Many blessings. Love Sylvia from Texas.
It will be fine. You go and have a fun time. We all hope it works out well!
Looking forward to reading about it tomorrow!!
Robin in MD :)
So jealous Sylvia ,Have a great time ,I know you will .We will all be waiting to hear how it goes.xx
Sylvia, how exciting is this!! Have a wonderful time ..and report back when you can. We want all the details!! Gail
Congrats !!! Take easy second by second,
it's very difficult, but please nervous get out !!!
Take care
oh Wow Sylvia!! That is fantastic, well done you, you are so lucky!!
Have a wonderful time, how exciting!!

Love Deb xx
:D Thanks Sylvia! Oh I already am blessed, just being on this forum! This is the first fan forum I've been able to participate on because it's blind-friendly. I've been here since the very beginning and still having the time of my life and I mean that sincerely! Take care and talk to you tomorrow! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Sylvia, Thats great!! Have a wonderful time!!! And let us know how it goes!!!!

Love Eileen xoxo
Congrats Sylvia....please take pic's.

hi everyone lucky yous lot got the chance to meet michael i never ever got my chance to meet and greet michael at all i would very much like to meet him in person as i am from near belfast northern ireland co.antrim it would be my dream come true to meet michael so much from mags xxxxxxxx


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