Not sure if anybody knows, but hopefully it is soon. Great weather today in the Midwest. A bit windy and hopefully the tornadoes won't come here. But we do have Ohio Health Insurance if they do!

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WHAT??? Spam, Spam, Spam......Clear off!!

Sorry about that. But very seriously, I did want to know when he is coming here. That's why I asked.

Hi Ed, if you really are curious, you should keep an eye on a couple of pages. This first one:

is where Gail, our moderator lists dates that are scheduled and sometimes confirmed. For confirmed dates:  

I hope that helps and by the way, welcome to the forum! Take care. Sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Ed you are welcome to stay and we would love to have you...but no more spamming ok?


All the dates MB has confirmed are on his website under Tours.  They are added as they get confirmed...there is one there for Kettering, Ohio so check it out.

Understood, although that was not the original intent.

Carmel is not terribly far. That might just work out. Thanks.


WELCOME to the forum Ed and I hope you do get tickets for one of the shows at least and I hope too afterward you may consider coming into the Tour thread and leaving a review....please;  because when you are as far away from the action as I am reviews are all you have got !!!! LOL.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



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