Michael has had numerous hits throughout his career.  He has recorded some amazing ballads, some seductive & sexy tunes, and made some hot dance numbers.

With that said...what song of Michael's do you believe is his most inspirational?

My pick is without a doubt "Time, Love And Tenderness."  The lyrics speak loud and clear, they speak true, and they flat-out speak inspiration.


"I wanna hear you say it...doesn't get any better than this!"

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Hi, I'm personally a little torn on this one. I think that "Go the distance" is probably the most inspirational but my favorite is "When I'm back on my feet again", but not because it's helped me through life-shattering events, thank goodness. I just think Michael's rendition is the most beautiful and passionate I've ever heard... I would also add "In the arms of love" on that list. JMO Sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
  The most amazing song presentation was on "Dancing wioth the Stars" when he sang  "Hallelujah". This was so touching it brought tears to my eyes and I talked to my ballroom dance coach about a vieneese waltz presentation done by amatures.  I loved the presnetation by the pros but wanted this to be a special dedication to OUR LORD at a competition here in Tucson, AZ in June.  I have been waiting for Micheal to release this rendition and heard it would be in Feb. but have not found it yet. Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks
Hi Arthur and welcome to the forum. To answer your question, Michael hadn't planned to record that song, but after his performance on DWTS, the fan response was so overwhelming that he decided to record it for his next album. Now, his next album is scheduled to be released in May, hopefully for mother's day. BTW, I fully agree that Michael's performance of "Hallelujah" was phenomenal and inspiring, but he hadn't sung it when this thread was started. Wow, this was started a year ago already! Anyway, hope that helps. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

My favortie is Time Love and Tenderness.  Love the words and music....and of course his voice!!   :)



Sylive darling, I think that Admin have their calendar settings on the wrong year so this topic thread was probably only posted on Frday after all.


As for inspirational songs, hmm, I totally agree with you here Sylvie. WIBOMFA and GTD are truly inspirational songs, but I also believe that 'Thats what love is all about' is also a song that speaks volumes.


There was a time
We thought our dream was over
When you and I
Had surely reached the end
Still here we are
The flame as strong as ever
All because we both kept holding on
We know we can weather any storm.


Baby, that's what love is all about
Two hearts that find a way, somehow
To keep the fire burning
It's something we could never live without
It it takes forever
We can work it out
Beyond a shadow of a doubt
Baby, that's what love is all about.


Mind you, having offered my three suggestions, most of Michaels songs speak volumes and are inspirational for me.


Great topic by the way Admin guys and Gals! Thanks for this.


Love Jennifer XX


Ps Welcome to the forum Arthur.  Love the fact that you do ballroom. I used to in my younger days. I loved it. Oh yes, I remember the 'whisk and chassis' very well.

Hi Jen, no, the calendar is good sweetie. I remember posting in May last year. This thread had been long forgotten and when I read Arthur's post, I had to tell him. I'm so glad Gail has told us that Michael already has recorded "Hallelujah"! About the inspiration in songs, I suppose it's in the heart of the beholder and inspiration can be seeked for many reasons. I know TWLIAA means a great deal to you Jennifer, but to someone who's not in a relationship, it's just a beautiful song that means something to someone else. Mind you, I suppose the same could be said about WIBOMFA. Okay, I'll stop rambling now... :D Thanks for your input Jennifer, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

I cant believe we managed to let this little gem of a topic slip by? Wow!! How did that happen? My apologies to you Sylvie. XX


WIBOMFA really does mean a lot to me too. Back in December 2000 on christmas day,  I was told I would never walk again, but I kep playing that song and was absolutely, pig headed and told myself, that I damm well will walk again and walk again I did!! I dont walk properly, but I do my version of walking anyway!! Ha Ha!!


I guess every song has different meanings to us all. Thats what makes them so individual isnt it?


Thanks again for setting me straight Sylvie. XX

Love Jennifer XX

Hi Jennifer, my guess about the thread is that it was started in March and we were too busy trying to get a feel for this new forum and reconnecting with everyone. I know you don’t dwell on it sweetie and God bless your beautiful soul for it, but you seemed to have lived one heck of a life that might silence 5 degrees  of whiners out there and I’m sure I don’t know the half of it… Take good care of yourself Jen. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

.....hmmmmm and you end up getting virtually butt naked in my living room!!!!


We wont mention that episode though will we? Ha Ha ha Ha ha!!!!


Seriously, love you toooo Juliet!!








I'm bidding £4.50 please.


Thank you.


Love Jennifer XX


PS Did I win?? Huh? Did I?


I totally agree with everything you just said above Juliet, Jennifer is truly amazing, i love the days we go to Jennifer's, and Yes we laugh sooooooooo much and talk about absolutely EVERYTHING!!!!! and I always go home with a migraine, my brain cant  handle all that laughter but sooooo well worth it! Can not wait for the next time!! Love you two lots, you really have become part of my family.


One of these days I will be able to get out to UK to see you all!!!


Love, Shannon xx


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