Michael has had numerous hits throughout his career.  He has recorded some amazing ballads, some seductive & sexy tunes, and made some hot dance numbers.

With that said...what song of Michael's do you believe is his most inspirational?

My pick is without a doubt "Time, Love And Tenderness."  The lyrics speak loud and clear, they speak true, and they flat-out speak inspiration.


"I wanna hear you say it...doesn't get any better than this!"

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Very true Juliet!!! You ladies are more than welcome to stay at my house. I have a guest house!! I also have 1 extra room in my house so there is plenty of room, so Jen, Oz, Sharon, Cat, Juliet, Crol and Eileen come on over we will have a HUGE party and there is a really big outlet mall not to far from me. We can shop till we drop. We can have a contest to see who can shop the longst, sharon I challenge you to a dual lol!!! Actually there are two HUGE outlet malls not far from me at all!!!! Eileen, Tom said you are on for the poconos!!!


Love, Shannonxx

Hi Jennifer,

thank you for sharing your story about „When I’m back on my feet again“.

Your sense of humor is incredible and your remark on your “version of walking“ is absolutely delicious (lol).

I would like to add my story of “walking challenges” and the profound meaning of this song for me too:


This song accompanied me for the last two decades and was helpful so many times when I had to endure another “soul’s night”.

Your posting inspired me to make peace with the video on “Greatest Hits”. Contrary to the live performance on “This is Michael Bolton” – which I love so dearly – I did not manage to watch the video for so many years.

The reason is that I survived a car accident in my early twenties which caused me constant health challenges up to now. Due to my increasing incredible pain and limitations of my body and whole life – sometimes I could not even lift a pencil - the doctors even advised me to abandon my studies. They predicted that anyway I would be sitting in a wheelchair by the time I would be 30 years old. I promised myself to prove them wrong and I did! On my 30th birthday the first thing I did was watching the video of “When I’m back on my feet again” while I was walking in front of the TV. I was able to walk but I had pain like fire in my whole body. Probably you know the fairytale “The little mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen. His description of her suffering from exchanging her fishtail to legs is quite comparable to my pain: it was like walking on thousands of knifes and needles.

So you can imagine the pain of my body and yet, realizing that the young, thriving and good looking woman is lost forever has been so much more a constant pain in my soul. Just recently I was able to accept it and finally find peace. I realized how many lessons this life has taught me and that I am now so much closer to my essence as I have never been before. There is no need to be “made of steel” (lol) and I can hear “The voice of my heart” so much clearer now, because “I’m alive”.

Back to this – amazing! - video with these various challenges people have to endure – literally and in a metaphorical sense. It inspired me to go on keeping my promise but also was so/too tough to watch.

Whenever I watched the videos I skipped this one although it has been crafted so inspiring and beautifully. Michael  really showed acting talent playing a disabled person! Especially I love his smile in the last seconds – not denying the handicap, but being at a peaceful state of mind and emotion.

I guess, that is where I am now. Thank God I am so much healthier again and the constant pain left up to the extent that I am thinking of taking dancing lessons again ! – which I did before the car accident as well as Karate. Although this car accident was a life altering event in my life I have been blessed with challenges like pain and failure in other areas of my life too that I dared to change some lines of this wonderful song:

Instead of:      And I'm not gonna crawl again
                     I will learn to stand tall again
                     No I'm not gonna fall again
                     Cos I'll learn to be strong

I sing:           Whenever I will fall again

                    I’m sure to get up again

                    No I’m not scared at all

                    Cos I’ve learned to ride on the flow


So I have to thank you again. I finally watched the video again and although I had to cry it was a relief. Everything is just right and will be, not only because ” I am back on my feet again” but because I ‘ am alive, life is stronger, and more powerful, and beautiful than ever!   


Dearest greetings


My dear Astrid, thank you so very much for sharing your very moving story, which “when I’m back on my feet again” could have been written for. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen the video, but reading your story, I feel that the visual images of your life have just become the video for me. I love the original story of the “Little mermaid” and I’m even more proud of being your friend! :D God bless you sweetheart and thank you again for sharing with all of us. Big bear hugs to you, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada xxx

Hi Sylvie,

thank you for your sweet response. In return I would like to make some further remarks on this video since I have the impression that you would enjoy some more details to complete your own imagination (lol).

As I said this video is very well thought out, well crafted and beautiful in many ways. There is a kind of storyboard or frame in which 3 different stories are put in.

The frame is Michael singing this song in a kind of empty gym or industrial building.

 It is filled with a rather dark, blue light – sorry I don’t know how to describe it without using colors. Although there is a huge window in the middle of the background that pours a lighter blue light in, there is no way to have a glimpse what might to be found outside. In the beginning Michael is standing far away from the viewer but near to the wall next to the window. He is showing his back to the camera and covered half by the dark, half by the lighter blue light. He is wearing a loose fit black suit with a black t-shirt – no tie, watch or something else what could distract from the purity of this situation. Even his hair is tied at the back of his head. The camera shows him from an angle up from the floor so that the viewer is looking up to him. The whole setting reflects the state of being depressed perfectly – the darkness and the cold light, the closed room, even the window allows no contact to the world outside. Michael will be moving very slowly and soft and showing a very serious face/mimic – so that the contrast of his intense singing and voice is so much more moving. Looking up to him, the ceiling and the light makes you feel lying on the ground because of a complete lack of energy and power.

(This camera angle usually does not suit most people because it makes you really ugly and look more thick and unhealthy as you really are. When I was a student I have been working with a local TV station and this angle was almost forbidden - especially for interviews – at least unless you messed up with the team for some reason - lol! – but Michael just looks fantastic and gorgeous! If it was not the setting for depression it would be perfect just to kneel before him LOL).

When the music starts Michael turns to the camera very slowly and walks up to the camera which is rising and zooming in on him. So we have two directions of moving and you have the impression of meeting him eye to eye in the middle for a moment. But the angle keeps moving so that sometimes you even look down to him and he lifts his face to stay in contact and looks up to you. This is so powerfully crafted and I have to hold back from interpreting this setting and go on describing.


When he sings WIBOMFA first time the first story comes up as if it were a kind of flashback.

The story is filmed in black and white – as all three stories are – in a very grainy (?) way. ( To me the lack of clearness evokes the impression of less individuality. Therefore these stories could take place everywhere and anytime).

A living room is shown with family pictures on the wall, but it is – again – rather dark and the light comes from an old fashioned film projector that enlightens the room a little bit. You have the perspective of the human being who is watching the film which is shown on the wall, regardless of the framed pictures at the wall. And you don’t know who is watching. The film projector shows an obviously private family scene on a beach – a man, dressed in clothes probably of the 60ies I would suggest (very loose fitting trousers/pants and shirt – no jeans or T-shirt – and a hat!), is walking on the beach playing (base-?)ball with a young boy. It is very moving to see the joy of this game and the boy leaning against him searching for physical contact. Suddenly a hand and the top of a walking stick appear in front of that film projector and are pointing to that man shown on the wall. At least now Michael is to be recognized as the man on that beach (lol). These clothes distort him a little bit, especially because his long hair is hidden under a hat – which – again – suits him so well. The scene at the beach reflects a very relaxed and joyful private or family situation and films like this can be found in countless homes all over the world I guess. But the walking stick makes you suspect that these times have gone and now are only memories.

The shots of Michael singing and the living room scene  alternate a few times.  Then the second story shows up when Michael sings the last line of the first verse and starts the refrain.

A black young man in a peak condition is sitting on a chair and training his biceps with a dumbbell. He could be an athlete like a basketball player or so. His face shows pain and despair. A few seconds later he is seen lifting himself from that chair to his wheelchair.

Now Michael is shown singing in that empty building again and when he sings “Gonna see that light of heaven” the former icy blue light pouring through the window turns into a warm yellow and red light as if sun was rising.

Then, the young athlete shows his pride of having done his painful exercises, smiling, rising his arms as if he scored a goal. – And the “black and white –story Michael” walks a few meters, leaning on his walking stick. He seems to be in a garden or park and when he he reaches a bench/chair he takes awkward (or inconvinient?) place on the chair like disabled persons do. He smiles slightly and seems to be satisfied. Probably Michael is playing not (only) a handicapped person but (also) an elderly or old man suffering from vanishing walking abilities.  

The third story now shows a white woman in her bathroom looking at the mirror. She looks tired and disappointed. Suddenly she opens the cover of the flush toilet  (I really hope that google language tools offered the correct term – lol) and pulls out a bottle of alcohol. She opens the bottle and drinks. It seems that she is drinking almost against her free will. Then her face and body show how deeply she is disgusted of herself and she pours that alcohol in the sink.  (Soon these tears …) While she is watching her face in the mirror her attitude seems to change and a few seconds later she is smiling slightly to her face in the mirror.

The last time Michael sings the line of WIBOMFA shows all three b/w story persons slightly smiling. They are not denying the challenges they have to deal with or being miraculously set free from their circumstances, but they seem to be in a peaceful and /or powerful new state of mind. (I just love that peaceful expression on Michael’s face while he is sitting on that chair under the trees, the walking stick on his knees, carefully dressed in an old fashioned  gentleman’s daily suit with shirt and tie and his hair hidden under the hat).   

The last pictures show Michael in that building again. He walks to the left side leaving the camera’s eye and that sun rising light, which is seen for a few moments more while the music fades.

According to my opinion this video is carefully cut to the beats of the music and to the lines/words of this wonderful song. And what I love most about this video is that Michael reminds me of a singing bard who keeps different people or groups of people connected by sharing moving, inspiring, empowering stories and tales. Seeing him being part of these stories too makes it perfect.

Big bear hugs (lol) to you too my friend


Dear Astrid, what can I say other than thank you? Thank you for your wonderful and vivid description and bless you for your generosity sweetheart. I was in tears but you made my week! :D Thank you again Astrid, take care. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Ok ladies I have no idea were this song came from. Karen had it posted on her FB page, it is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard Michael sings!!! Enjoy!!!!


Love, Shannon xx




Hi Shannon, the song "Eternally" is so gorgeous, isn't it? It comes from the British release of "Only a woman like you" in 2002. It was also on the American single of OAWLY, along with the song "As" that was featured in the movie "Snow Dogs". The movie never had a soundtrack CD, but if you're looking for the song, that's where you could find it. Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

I had realized what album it was on after I had post the link here. I had never heard this one before so it is new to me. I do not recal Eternally being on snow dogs. That is one of my all time favorite movies. I know "TLT" and "AS" was on "Snow Dogs".



Hi Shannon and Angelica, for the record, the song “As” can be found on the French release of “Only a woman like you” and the “Only a woman like you/As/Eternally” CD single.


This is the link to the Amazon  listing, but I’m sure you can search for it on any other second hand music selling web site. Sorry for the confusion Shannon and hope that helps Angelica. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Sylvie,


My copy of OAWLY has both "As" and "Eternally" on it and it's the U.S. release. I also have an import (I think it's from Japan) that doesn't have those two songs on it. Instead it has bonus tracks of "All For Love" and "Solo una donna" (OAWLY) and an extra VCD disc.


Take care, Anna

Hi Anna, oh, well there you go: another one! You must have the British version OAWLY sweetie. I knew that one had "Eternally, but didn't remember "As" was on it too. I had to get the French version because it had "Une femme comme toi", OAWLY in French. Yep, got the Japanese  one too and a bunch of international singles too. 2002 was a crazy fun year to collect MB stuff. Thanks for letting us know about another option the girls can look for Anna, take care. :D Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Eternally is showing off  the Mega-voice MB has beautifully ,but there is a depressing element in it,some unfullfilled emotion which comes through his otherwise perfect vocal-performance.I don't know how to put it,but for instance in"completely" the voice is completely open-MB does not seem to answer any of his questions,but if he started to I really would like to ask him questions I have from singer to singer-about the circumstance of the recording,his personal emotions and life-journey at the time,who produced his voice on this track,that track,a.s.o...

"Snow dogs " I have never seen and  MB's version of "As " I tried to find previously,but could not.

Thanks Karen for reminding us of "Eternally" though....not being greedy,but with the sound in my ear...the photos?


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