I have only seen Michael in concert once so far, it was at the Birmingahm NEC in 1994, supported by Kenny G.


It was a truly memorable show, we had excellent seats, some 6 rows from the front! It seemed as though he was doing the show just for us!


Michael puts so much power and meaning into a song, much more than other singers do. i hope to see him the next time he is on here in the UK.

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Hello Antony,

Michael is amazing in concert isnt he.

Have a look at the Tour tab above and see where Michael is touring near you. He starts in the UK on November 9th in Gateshead right through to December 5th at the Manchester Apollo.

I think that tickets went on sale for all of the UK venues a while ago, but there might be some tickets left.

Good luck. I hope you manage to get some tickets for a concert near you.

Welcome to the forum..

Hi Antony and welcome to the forum! Glad to hear your first concert was so memorable. You’re one of the lucky ones, having seen him with Kenny G! Hope you find another concert to go to this year, there are quite a few coming up in November, good luck! In the meantime, maybe you’d like to check out other fans’ first concert experiences. Just so you see that we all agree with you about Michael… :D
Take care Antony and hope you post often! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi Antony,
I'v been so lucky to have seen MB 4 times in concert and each time he only gets better, looking forward to seeing him at Monday's concert in Texas, I know it's not going to be a sold out show, everyone here is more into country and spanish music, if they only knew what they were missing, the venue gives everyone the close-knit feel of Michael and his music. I hope you get that chance to see him again to experience the delight that is Michael :-)
Hi Antony, Welcome to the forum. Like a few others have said there are shows coming up later this year in the UK. Check out the Tour section and see if you can find one near you and they may have tickets left. I've seen Michael onely 1 time with Kenny G in 2004 and it was the BEST!!! I didn't get to see them together ealier on. The two of them together are wonderful.. I agree with what you said about MB and how he puts sooo much into every performance.

Welcome to the forum. Post often
Robin :)
Yes robin, and the others who replied, one of Michael's shows a truly memorable evening out. We were so close at the Birmingham NEC it was incredible!

I will look out the tour dates on the site, & hope to be able to get booked for a show close to me soon.
Welcome Antony!

Silvy from Switzerland
Hi, Anthony
Welcome abourd !!!
Take care


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