here is michaels interview with pat and kim  wave radio

totally fantasic

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Helen, thank you so much for finding that and putting the link in here - oh wow - that was fantastic ....boy, oh boy what an interview !! :)  Michael was so much on form it was unbelievable, OMG just beautiful - talk about Michael being Michael - awesome !!!! LOL.  OMG he didn't half enjoy that - and so did I - thank you again Helen - thank you !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

Thanks helen what a great interview

I love hearing Michael's voice

Love Dianna xxx


Thanks Helen...that was fantastic!!!! I can't believe how much he has squeezed in in between all the concerts!!! The date says June 21......did he actually do this interview yesterday and then fly off to Ct for the concert tonight???? And did the Today show etc!!!! Oh my!!! I think he needs a little rest :) I am spinning just trying to follow all his appearances!!!! LOL

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Thanks for posting. He really does an excellent interview. Love the way he recovers after giving the wrong location for Foster and Friends. MB is a gem. If he wasn't such a talented singer, he'd be a great talk show host.

Hi, Helen

Yes, it's is fantastic, I love it,

Thanks a lot for sharing !!!

Take care



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