Hi Michael,


I'm not one of your die hard fans, but I do like you as an artist.  I have a cassette (remember those?) of your greatest hits and I like your voice and personality.

I watched you on Dancing....and I did vote for you and some of the other artists that I like.  As an Italian-american, I was really surprised and annoyed with Bruno's attitude toward's you.  You deserved better than a 3 (and Carrie Ann gave you a 4, she is no sweet heart either).  I was pleased to see you act like a real gentleman, it shows that you have class!  For this reason I joined your site and look forward to seeing you on stage someday in the future.  I have never seen you live, only on TV.  I live in NY, so I hope your tour makes a stop here eventually.   As for Bruno, he deserves "un calcio in culo".  I won't translate this...ask one of your Italian friends what it means and I hope it gives you a chuckle.  :) 

Take care and all the best to you,

Helena Mezzina

Brooklyn, NY

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Welcome to the Michael Bolton Forum, Helena. We hope to see you here often.

Anna (in MO)
Ha Ha Ha!! I'm certain that one day Bruno will get a 'un calcio in culo' I would love to be the one to give it to him with pleasure.

Welcome to the forum. Dont be a stranger.

Love Jennifer XXX

PS Not a die hard fan? Stick around, we'll soon change that!! Ha Ha!! :)
Welcome Helena! The more you are the more wonderful it is here! The people here are the most wonderful,friendly and caring people.

Love Eileenxoxo
Well thanks everyone for the welcome!! I will love to visit and chat with all of you all. The only forum I belong to is on Barry Manilow's web site (I'm a Fanilow!), and I visit there when I can.

Hey Jennifer...I'm glad you got a laugh about what I wrote in Italian! Are you italian or do you just speak it? Yes, Bruno does deserve it and I would also love to give it to him!! I was disapointed when David Hasselhoff got booted out, but at least no one insulted him like Bruno did with Michael! What a jerk!

Well I hope Michael is doing well. He is better off being in the company of his fans while he's on his tour, than trying to impress "the three stooges" on Dancing..... :)

Hugs to all.....xxx...


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