Dont you think that Michael looks like Barry Manilow in this photo? Or is it just me then? Ha Ha!


Look how the 'pilot glasses' are back in fashion!!!


Love Jennifer XX

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Hey Juliet,
The newest born in my family is named Michael, my nephew, from my sister Mashel's son Christopher.
He is a cutie.

Hai all,

I like Michael the way he is lol lol........Not like Barry but as himself...

And we have to wait what we will become a girl or a boy in december....they will not tell us haha..And we also don't know the name lol..
have to wait and see how our 2th grandchild will be look like lol..

lots of love Jacqueline xxxx
Just a thought, could this be Orrins photo?

Just idea.

Love Jennifer XX
Nope....definitely not Orrin....Plus, his hair has never been that short.
Hi, Jenn
I think definitily is Michael, I've never seen him before
with this kind of short hair cut, but maybe its was
when his did cut his long one, didn't like and
cut shorter like until now.
Take care

He really looks like Michael, but he does not have the same ears !!! But I agree, he could be his double.



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