Hi, All


Here some links of nice pics of Michael in Germany.

Enjoy them !!!

Take care




http://www.wireimage.com/SearchResults.aspx?igi=491726&s=michael bolton&sfld=C&vwmd=e

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Hi Mariu,

Thank you so much, what a treat to start the day!!!!

How did you find this so fast, great!

Thanks again and take care,

Warm greetings,

Nicolette from Holland xx

Hi Mariu,

wow, you were fast LOL! Thank you for sharing. Up to now LEA's homepage didn't post anything new - I wonder, which songs he sang.

Greetings from Germany


Great pictures...thanks Mariu!!!



Shiny happy people-who am I to disagree?               there are also some good pictures from the studio with Agnes Monica @agnezmo on her



I thought the Scorpions were there as well /maybe they were more sombre                  

Fantastic find there Mariu. Well done.


Thanks for sharing the links with us. Some of them are absolutely amazing!!


Love Jennifer XX

THANKS Mariu, He looked like he had a wonderful time.

Robin in Maryland :)


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