MICHAEL is supporting CHIDEO so please sign up and support him.   Chideo is a new way of raising funds to benefit causes dear to the hearts of those involved and this is achieved by celebrities agreeing to seek suggestions from followers of what they would like to see them do and they will make a video of the suggestion that gains the most votes.   Monies will be raised by those wishing to view the video, paying a nominal amount to do so, and this money will go to the cause that is nominated by the celebrity.


Please follow link below to hear Michael talk about what you can do to support him with his CHIDEO involvement and help to raise funds for the Michael Bolton Charities




Here is a brief resume of what CHIDEO is about.....

"Over the past few months Film Independent has been working on a few exciting and important projects with the United Nations and UCLA’s Burkle Global Impact Initiative, which aims to activate the entertainment industry to engage more deeply and effectively with global policy, humanitarian and advocacy issues. We’ve hosted several of the Under-Secretary-Generals of the UN at our offices, and held a roundtable conversation at the Los Angeles Film Festival with members of the UN and UCLA to discuss humanitarian-themed storytelling.

Now, we’ve been asked to help review an innovative idea launched by another friend of the United Nations, Chideo, which partnered with the UN on its recent World Humanitarian Day.

Chideo is a digital platform created by Todd Wagner (2929 Productions, Magnolia Pictures) designed to raise money for causes that celebrities care about. Here’s how it works: fans make suggestions to celebrities about what exclusive content that they’d like to see. Other fans vote on those suggestions and if there’s enough interest, the star will respond by creating a video based on the suggestion. For example, if enough fans request it, Don Henley might post a backstage video of himself with his band just before they go on stage. Users then pay a small donation ($1.99) to watch the video; and the money is given to the cause the celebrity has chosen to support."




Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


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It was a pleasure receiving the" thank you" video from Michael and Chideo, I wish that I could have given more.. I tweeted a thank you to Michael, MBC and Chideo for their work and compassion towards women and children ...for making a difference in someone's life. 

Thank you Michael Bolton. 

Love, Usha   Mississauga, Ontario Canada  

Heads up folks. I just received an email from Chideo that my package has been mailed. Yippee!!

Robin in MD :)

That's great news Robin and hope it arrives soon.  Knew Chideo had received everything for I went for package that included t-shirt and they sent out e-mails asking about size and saying they were going to start distributing soon so that is super news that they have started and hope everyone is pleased with what they get.

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Gwenda posted her items on FB. Fun stuff!

Robin in MD :)

Saw Gwenda's post on FB and believe she was pleased with what she got.

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



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