Here is our thread for the band members.  Lets post anything that we know about the band members new and old here.  Thanks!



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Here is the first bit of info. Tre sent this to me this morning:

Please thank all of the fans for the love and support over the 11 yrs that I was with you guys. I've never been one for expressing myself in letter form but I do miss seeing everybody. I as you know have my own "Ambient Soul" project called "BlakTop" I have a manager now and we are booked locally here in town just to get the band tighter. We will be doing a cd pretty soon. Nothing big. Maybe a 3-4 song cd, or maybe a single to test the market. Its a really fun project where I'm back playing drums. Oh...and if you're wondering what in the heck is "Ambient Soul?"...well, after touring Europe, all of their "Euro/Chill/Ambient music rubbed off on me. So I just added the "Soul" & "Jazz" too it. Most likely the 1st single will be the song that JP (Jason) & I wrote titled "Fa Sho Fa Sho" featuring a young lady by the name of Megan Shoff.
Well, Jason has just released a new single 'Romance, Rumors and Lies' ( someone put a link for it somewhere on the forum- but i can't find it!) co-written(i think!) with Tre. Also featuring Chris Camozzi on guitar and mixed by Nelson. Jason is also doing a spring/summer tour(as far as i know US only) with his band- not sure who they are or will be! I got in touch with him and said i hoped it wouldn't be too long before we saw him back in England and he said hopefully he'll be back with his own tour!!! YIPPEE!!!!!
A note from Janis:

Hi everyone :)
Gail's asked me to drop you a line about what's going on in my life. Well, no news to convey yet. I am just taking this time to figure out who I am and what I have and can offer this industry. It's pretty near impossible to expect something to magically jump in your lap workwise when you weren't expecting the lull, so it may take some time. For now, I'm enjoying my family and my home. And I'm catching up on a million little projects I kept putting off! As for my road family, I speak to most everyone on a daily basis and fully appreciate this very unique and loyal unit we had through Michael - the family we were for almost 20 years. Some came and went, some stayed. For me it wasn't just a gig, it was a career.
And who knows what the future will bring! We can only spread goodness and creative energy and hope for the best. Right?
I have been very blessed and I don't take it for granted, not one minute. You're all a part of that family as well, just on the other side of the stage, and I'm grateful for your smiling faces and friendly loyalty. I'll bet if you added up all the cold medicine you went through after standing in bad weather after concerts, it'd make one large mountain!
With that, I wish you all well! Enjoy each other, enjoy the shows!
Xoxox Janis

I'm checking things out this morning after seeing Michael in Saginaw Michigan last night. It was my first concert in quite a few years, and it was strange to see all new band members. We missed you, Chris, Mugs etc., It was always like seeing friends and family when we went to a were always so friendly and personable. I'd like to wish you a Merry Christmas! May your life be filled with all good things!! Nancy Ciesla

Hi Nancy! So nice to see you here. I pop in now & then to keep up with what's going on in MB's world. Hope you visit often!

Anna (in MO)

Miss you Janis - I still have one of my favorite pictures from the Stamford, CT, galas framed in my treasured pictures.  It is a picture of you, my husband, my friend Sue, and others at the Stamford Marriott.  My husband will also always be one of your biggest fans! Hope to see you again someday!

The song 'Romance, Rumors and lies' is brilliant isnt it? Did you listen to the other song that was under the same link?

This song is the top one on the list.

Do have a listen to the others on the site, they are fantastic aswell

Love Jennifer XXXX

I have a bit of information. Seems Brian Becvar isn't going to be able to play keyboards for the next few shows due to a medical problem but he will be back. Taking his place until he gets back will be word on what will happen after that but keep our fingers crossed he stays to play the sax after Michael Lington's guest appearances stop.
Tre Balfour is now working with this new artist... in his own words, he is going to be big... so check it out:

Thanks Pilar! I heard from Tre today as well. Here is a bit more he passed on! I checked this fellow out. I don't really care for most rappers but I rather like this fellow...I can even understand what he is saying!!LOL

Hi Gail...I just landed the gig w/ this new artist. He's from OKC too!! He's no MB, but he's a rapper that sounds like Jim Morrison from the Doors and the lead singer from Hootie and the Blowfish all in one. He's #1 in Nova Scotia, and beat out the Black Eyed Peas on a Texas radio station.
Got some news from Tre. He is so excited...said he didn't realize other musicians wanted him!! he is going out in June and July with Gladys Knight. for the tour schedule.



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