The DVD will be released on May 4th!!!

And Pilar, "Crazy Love" is on the DVD!  Like that song also very much. Can`t wait.................

Track Listing:
1.) Soul Provider
2.) Said I Loved You
3.) Hope It's Too Late
4.) To Love Somebody
5.) Dock Of The Bay
6.) You Don't Know Me
7.) Summertime
8.) Fly Me To The Moon
9.) That's Life
10.) Murder My Heart
11.) When A Man Loves A Woman
12.) How Can We Be Lovers?
13.) Steel Bars
14.) Times Love And Tenderness
15.) Can I Touch You There?
16.) Crazy Love
17.) Georgia On My Mind
18.) How Am I Supposed To Live Without You?
19.) One Love

Bonus features:
Bonus Track "Nessun Dorma"
Interview with Michael Bolton
"Countdown" Documentary


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I've GOT IT...just arrived...Yeah, C'mon' C'mon, lol! I need ICE!! I can see myself in the cover, lol! And...I'm going to see him LIVE too, in Hampton Court Palace...just bought the flights....Oooh, this is my day!!! Lol! Lol!
Hey there young one, He has got your Flag already, now you can hand him MY phone number, address, LOL Hey, I was really happy to see you at the RAH Concert on PBS in the US by the way!!! All of you girls rocked the place and Michael loved it... Hope you will continue to share all of the great times with us here on this new site, and know this, I am jealous of one thing and one thing only, It was the stardom that I never never have, for him to notice me later, for him to look back at, But in one sense,, My life was still fufilled with undying LOVE!!! Shame that we all let some things go, that we should have held on to..,
His Girlfriend For Life,
You do just that Jacueline,
All the Movements and I shall be carring the Ice to you!!! I think I could wear the jacket for a nice little snuggy in this photo. He's so fine, caught this heart of mine, Your's too I know!!!
Thanks for this Photo,

Thanks Kellie lol...we need lotssss of ice
And yes we can better ask whous hart he doesn't have lol

lots of love Jacqueline xxx
For those interested on buying this in Spain, you could find it in all the stores of "El Corte Inglés", and in its website,, in both formats, DVD and BluRay.
Ok!!!! GOT IT!!!!!!!!
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still haven't seen the interview... want to have something for the weekend, LOL, but the rest is magnificent!!!!!! Have you seen the way he smiles during the countdown video????
And what can I say about the long waited Crazy love?????
That was cute, I liked that part too Juliet! LOL The whole interview was very well done!
Robin :)
I need a copy of this asap!! He has so much soul and feeling.

I'm sure the documentary feature of the DVD is amazing.

Side topic. . . Has anyone seen Joe Bonamassa covering the Bolton tune in a bluesy style. .

very good!


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