I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of my Bolton Bear, Buzzer, Buddy's who came to my party yesterday.


To Juliet, Oz, Catherine, Helen, Jade and especially to Nelson Braxton who despite being on a break from touring with Michael sat through an afternoon of Michaels musics and the Jack sparrow song over and over and over and didnt maon, whince or laugh at my singing once!!!!


Nelson you are a true gent!! I know you got blasted with Michael on the way home too!! Ha Ha!!


Thank you also to those who bought me the best birthday cake a girl could ever ask for!! Wooohoooo!!!


To those who couldnt come for your own reasons....you were all truly missed by us all, but especially by me.


Thank you for your genrous gifts and donations to the UK fan reception charity. I will have a count up on tuesday when I open all of my cards.


You have all made my birthday this year so very, very special. THANK  YOU!


I do habe loads of photos but cannot post them as for some reason, my virus software wont allow me too? (I'm buying new software this week!!!)


Oz would you be kind enough to post some of us all, I would be so very, very grateful to you.




Love Jennifer XXX



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Hi Jennifer,

Sounds like you are a little excited ;)

Sure does sound like fun and I can't wait to see a picture of the Cake

Love and hugs

Dianna xxxx

Hey Jennifer,

Happy Belated B-Day:)! I'm glad you had a great day!

Mary (Meg's mom)!

Happy Belated Birthday, Jennifer!!!

Happy Belated Birthday Jennifer!!!   :)






I asked for donations instead of gifts for my birthday, I opened all of my cards today and the ones that contained donations added up to £90 so I have rounded it up to £100.


This money will be passed onto Juliet to be paid into the UK fan reception charity bank account.


Thank you to everyone who came and who put money in their cards.


Love Jennifer XX

Happy belated birthday Jennifer, glad you had a wonderful day.

Love the pic of the cake:):)

Sandra x


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