Greetings for all the ladies and gentleman from the site, and I'm sorry for my spelling/grammar/format mistakes as I'm not a native English speaker.

I won't give neither my name age nor my real country provenience, I'll only say I'm just a man, I've never seen Michael playing live on my country and, as far as I know, I'm not a huge fan of him but I'm really into his music. My only mission here is to try to reach Michael regarding a dream I've just woke up from. And why am I doing this? Because it was an incredible intense, life-changing, touching story (not regarding any strage way that it may be confused with).

I'll procede to tell this story which has two related parts as it is still fresh in mi mind, and it begins as follows:

'There was this person that died from I don't remember exactly if it was a car accident or an issue regarding drinking problems or suicide, a guy with both parents dead who seemed to have lived a life in not a humble way, like being in the 'wrong path' from his childhood to the day he died so to speak. The only thing that this person did since he received an heritance of money and a house as a child was to go from party to party, from girl to girl, drinking, doing drugs and only caring about how to spend his last cent in having fun and forgetting all past experiences and the pain suffered due to his parents' loss. This, my friends, and I still don't know why, appeared in my dream as the Mr. Michael Bolton. The figure of the man was exactly like him, no other.

In the other hand we have this 11 year old boy with a huge amount of problems in home, a boy whose mother died when he was born, and is currently and constantly being phisically abused and beat by his parent and his drunk brother, like if it was a game for them to cause this harm to the boy. This causes the boy to have issues in college, in his daily life, having not even one friend, writing letters to his deceased mother and crying her all night and with problems to communicate with other boys of his age due to his 'bullyness'. Not to be racist or anything, but the look of the little boy and his parent and uncle seemed to be like southern-looking and talking or as you may say, they seemed 'rednecks'.

(At this point, I remember and it seems so lucid at points and I think I'm losting it many details, but I'm trying to be as clear and precise as my memory and language limitations allow me).
It seems that Michael was chosen (by Destiny, Fate or God, I didn't have any divine reference in my dream) to change both the way he seen his entire life and the way he lived it, and the way that the little boy was headed to, clearly being both lifes conected in many levels and ways of being. I don't remember also if Michael was manifested as a 'ghost' or if it reincarnated in the same body, losing his conscience and past memories but with only the taks to help this little child to increase his life quality.

I have two more details and I'm done with the memories, no further information:

- There was this moment when the school asks the parent and the uncle to come to talk with the Director regarding the kid's troubles with other kids and him beating and insulting other kids. The father gets angry at him and beat the kid in his home. The uncle tells the kid how he is the worst son ever and how lucky was his mother to have died when he born, and the kid punches his uncle and then he punches back at him.

- The second (and last) moment I remember was in the middle of my dream, when the kid is getting better and learning life values together with Michael through different and intense situations. In this particular one Michael helps the kid in school to make a present for the Father's day, and Michael help the kid to manufacture a green and white cap with the father's favourite baseball patch. The kid gives this present to the father, who at first doesn't understand this and insult him and makes fun of him as well as the uncle, but then a sparkle of love shines on his eyes and in the eyes of the kid too, and Michaels has also a warm sensation in his interior.

Well... this is my entire story. This story seems like a movie but is a dream, and I'd love to see it converted as a movie or book someday, and I don't mind if you guys stole it or sell it or anything, but I JUST ASK YOU to give this to Michael from me, and tell him that I think he is an incredible human being and it will be great if this is converted to a book or a movie and Michael is in it.

Kind Regards, sorry for this long post, and have a pleasant and familiar day.

Anonymous L. Uke. P. 

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Wow!! What 'unusual, weird and vivid imaginative' dreams you have!! Is your 'day time' life as exciting as your 'sleep time life'? 

I admit that I do have dreams about Michael, but can honestly say that they are always the same and very straight forward. No mixed up messages and normal human activities are involved...if you get my drift??? Ha Ha!!

Just to advise that I doubt very much if Michael wont get to see your post as he doesn't tend to read this site, he's far too busy getting ready for concerts, in the studio and attendings 'PA's for the album release. 

It made a very interesting read though, so thanks for sharing it, I think? 

I'm glad you enjoy Michaels music. It has certainly made the world feel like a smaller place since we all met on here with each of us sitting in our own cosy little corners of the world. Michaels music has reached so many people and some of us have mostly lived our lives through his music and have travelled each emotion through each and every song.

Michael has many fans, most of whom and lady's, but a surprising amount are men too, which is wonderful. It's great hearing the guys calling out during the concert as well as the girls screaming!!

I hope you have a few concerts in your country..wherever you are? Shame you felt that you couldn't share your real name or where you are globally. There is nothing to be embarrassed about being one of Michaels fans so I hope that wasn't your reason for with holding this from us? Most of us will shout it from the roof tops that we love Michael!! Some of us shouter louder than others!! Ha Ha!!

Welcome to the site.

Jennifer X


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