I know most of you have received the latest newsletter from Michael regarding his vacay but also included the following info about the  updated and new website coming.  There will be some new features and some old ones updated.  Here is the info from the newsletter:

But really the BIG NEWS I wanted to write you about is a BIG CHANGE to my website. We are making much needed upgrades and I hope you love the new look & feel!!

The site will be updated in phases so you'll be seeing a lot of new pages and content added over the next several months ... and especially exciting is the launch of a STORE where you'll be able to buy exclusive music and merchandise. I know many of you have been asking for this for years!!! I'm starting to design items with my team now so let me know what you'd like to see there!! 

Any thoughts on items  you would like to see in the store, please let us know by responding to the email.  

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Hey Gail, thanks for starting this thread. Well first, I'm really glad they'll be doing this in stages, because sometimes, big changes can be overwhelming, although as long as it stays blind-friendly, Robin and I are good. :D Frankly, just getting all notifications would be a great improvement for starters. I have to say I'm thrilled that Michael actively wants to keep up his site and keep it fresh, giving us more than just Facebook. Reading the text, it's really wonderful to know that Michael is listening and we'll finally get a store. :D I understand that Michael is asking us about merchandise, but I wonder if the store will also sell his pending perfume line... In any case, I'm looking forward to the new site and BTW, it's nice to hear Michael finally took time for himself! :D Take good care Gail and thanks for posting. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

P.S.: I'm guessing you posted this here so you wouldn't be overwhelmed by a big surge of E-mails? :D

LOL. That and I was afraid some might not see the newsletter and didn't want any surprises!!  I have talked to the ones doing the site and told them that some of Michael's fans use a program to read the site and the links in pictures and flash causes problems.  They said they would try to make it so you can navigate...so crossing fingers!

XD I love you Gail! Thanks always for watching out for us both and anyone else that comes along. I just replied to a fan on another thread who didn't get the message from admin, so you did good. :D Take good care sweetie and have a great week. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Thanks Gail and it sure is great news.  

Like Sylvie have to say hope problem with notifications gets sorted for I'm only in here doing a little nosy and that is how I have found this new thread for no notification about.  No notifications that anyone has been in on forum in last few days except Sylvie in Music section.  Nothing from Tour thread but see there is all activity on there and other threads too.  You do say about e-mail but can let you know getting word that some people have not received the e-mails and just a mute point, if they haven't received how can they reply with what they would like to see sold in "Store" ??  

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Michael how about a cool mug, coasters like Suburu made for your Asian Dream Tour I've been trying to find a set so far no luck, key chain, cell phone cover, license plate holder,car window

sticker and new photos of you.

Hi Gail can you send Michael's email to me. I didn't receive it. I would really like to see what he said about his vacay.  Thank you.

For anyone still checking this forum, Michael's website has now been published.  Go to www.michaelbolton.com .  This site is no longer being updated and will be taken down as soon as info has been taken off.  Thanks!  Gail

Thanks a lot Gail, take care sweetie and heaven help us all. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Sorry that the forum will be gone. Hope there is going to be something in its place that we can talk.

Dawn there isn't going to be a forum on the new site. They said it's too expensive to maintain and on here not many are posting anymore.  People are more into Twitter, FB, and Instagram etc.

Robin in MD :)

Thanks Gail for all your help and for all you done for us with the forum. Are we still going to reach you by email?

Thanks Gail this site has been fun since it began but times change.   Thanks for all the fun times on here everyone!

It's been a blast.

Robin in MD :)


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