Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone heard anything of when we should be getting our cd's that we preordered. Does anyone know? I just getting a little anxious because the cd is out in stores this week. I ordered 2 copies about a year ago when Michael was working on the cd. I just wish that we would have gotten it before it was released. I guess that I just have to be patient. If anyone knows please let me know. Thanks so much.

Michelle A Cooper


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Hi Michelle and it has been said it is hoped they will be sent out so that those who pre-ordered on Pledge Music will get either before or on 10th February when it is released.  So far though no word from Pledge Music on distribution and would say if not already sent, those outside USA, stand little chance of having before it is released.  Just have to be thankful we know it is coming out and will get one day !!! lol  Only other thing I thought about is that possibly Pledge Music will download the whole album to everyone, who has pre-ordered, before 10th

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Michelle, Sylvia, is correct. It was announced a few weeks ago that those preordering from Pledgemusic would have their CDs sent out this week hoping to get them to you by the release date which is the 10th.  I'm looking for mine!!! :)  I also imagine if you ordered the CD with the download or the download only...that download may come on the 10th but not positive. If I find out any differently, I'll let you know.  Gail

thanks for the info ladies. I just have to be patient. Take care


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