New Year Resolutions for 2012....with a completely NEW slant !!!

Following a request and suggestion from a very dear friend of all of ours on this forum, Sylvie from Canada, I’ve agreed to set up this thread on behalf of both of us and hope that you’ll join in the fun .

Sylvie's idea came from the age old New Year resolution pledges that we’ve all made and have often all broken, throughout the years, and hoped that by trying a "new sauce" on that "old turkey"  it could feel easier for us all and give us a chance to be able to "pat ourselves on the back" and proudly say we achieved our goal of following to the end our... "New Month"... resolution instead........ what do you think?

We both agreed that the month of January would be a "freeby" so we can share suggestions if any of our usual active forum members are interested in this project which, we both hope, will turn into something worthwhile and a lot of fun too.  So guys, if you’d like to take part, please feel free to share your ideas of what you think would be useful and fun resolutions for all of us to follow each month. 

Obviously this January is, apart from a "freeby" month, a trial month too so that Sylvie and I can see your interest in this and figure out what the majority think so that we can start February with a very firm idea of what our 1st Resolution will be.  Each one, thereafter, will be clearly displayed before the month begins and will be advertised with an MB calendar as is shown below for our "freeby" month of January.  We hope that each month we can all share stories, tips and cheer each other on.



If you’re interested please join in and give us your thoughts and let’s make this great forum even more of a fun place to visit where we can all come together as friends, thanks to our love and admiration for our Michael.


Sylvie from Canada and Sylvia, your wee Scottish friend.

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Wee One I am only organized with my Christmas treasures because I lOVE Christmas!!!! Yes...Bob is using his avoidance skills at his best!!! I can't blame him for he is most patient with my Christmas compulsion..LOL He almost goes berzerk when I buy a new light up decoration for For example I explained to him while we were at the Michael's craft store after Christmas how much we NEEDED the 4 large light up candy canes (almost 5 ft. tall) because they were on sale and i had wanted them last year (me pouting). They were very cheap so I put them in the cart...started with 2...ended up with 4 and thank goodness because at the register each one was ONLY $5!!!!! What a steal when they were $20 a piece :) Bob LOVES a deal soooo he was happy...LOL Bob is in charge of all roof lights. No ladders for me!! Better get back to work....caio!!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Good for you Kathy being able to put on the "pout" because those candie canes were a steal and they looked beautiful !! :)   Think I will need to do a little bit of internet shopping this year if you have bargains like that !!! LOL

Out of here, I think, till Monday now Sylvie because certainly rest of day I am going to be stripping my part done yesterday and feeling soooooooo good about going to finish today, if I can !! lol   Weather here too has changed as Russia has opened up and we are getting a beautiful cold snap coming in from there and last night fell to -4 C so we have a lovely picturesque frost over everything this morning but it was wet yesterday and I bet plenty of black ice everywhere too so I ain't venturing out till that disappears !!   Remembered to rescue my daffodils so they had a lovely warm night in the house and they actually said "thank you" to me this morning......did you think it was only my cats that talked to me ???????????????? ROFL


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi girls, did you know that you are very entertaining and both work almost as well as a good cup of coffee in the morning? :D Kathy, you are my Christmas idol and if I ever decide to entertain the masses,  I will pay to attend your seminar on organization! Lol In my hunble one-tree place, I’m pretty organized too and there’s a science to putting away everything in the same box every year. I think I’ve had the same box for like 20 years and I add more tape every so often to keep it together! :D You’ll have less on your mind once that’s all put away, but you are keeping active at least. I’m with Sylvia about Bob: it’s a known fact about men, I hate to tell you... Or maybe it’s just husbands, I don’t know... :D Now Sylvia, we all know you don’t have a jealous bone in your body, we are suspicious about your muscles and ligaments though... ;D All right girls, see you Monday, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

P.S.: Do you think we should try to stick to the 2013 thread though? XD

This is definitely like a touch of de ja vu for I am sure you gave us into trouble last year Sylvie for getting right off topic and we ended up calling you mom/mum/ma/mother, whatever you wanted......definitely wee, wee bells are ringing again and isn't it funny I'm always at forefront of getting into trouble on this website and it takes me way back in time and I can hear my mother's voice quite clearly, shouting; "Would you do as you are told !!"  and I will give each of you ten goes apiece to think just who she may have been talking to because I know, for sure, you will need that many guesses......not !!!!!! LOL.   I will TRY and be good....honest...... but I sure can't make any promises !!!!! LOL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey are writing AGAIN and it isn't Monday!! Oh am I!!!! Sorry Sylvie and you should just banish us for life!!! would be too bored...I think ;)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

OMG I have done it again too for I have answered your first post without realizing you have been doing a quick step, or tango, or rumba, or even a little bit of salsa all over this thread last night Kathy so you know what I am going to do an Ussain Bolt and run the 100 metres in 9 seconds flat (new world record) before Sylvie catches me........see you Monday is only Thursday so; who knows ??????!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


LOL Sylvie...we still use the original Christmas tree boxes and yes a new layer of tape is needed each year!! You can attend for free Sylvie....just take notes because I have no clue if I will remember what I just said...ROFL!! It is the male species as a whole....less organized. I prefer it that way for the men who are organized are over the top. I knew one guy who labeled all kitchen shelves and my friend had to put the right cans where they belonged after grocery shopping!!! Yipes...I will take my Bob any day :)

I thought I was sticking to the 2013 thread...wait...what was the topic??? LOL  hahahahahahaha I crack myself up!!! Seriously goal is to put away my Christmas decos and walk....e v e n t u a l l y :) What is with Monday??? Is that the only day we can post here??? I quit then!!!! Where is the rule sheet and I swear I didn't sign anything agreeing to that rule....did I?????? Ok...I will try to behave ;) See you on Monday :/

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

Hey Sylvia, if you're not, we'll have to dust off your "corner" from the AI thread! :D Take care sweetie and sorry to be mothering you... :D Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Well talk about rolling on the floor for I am going right over the ceiling and back down again......oh boy......who calls herself a "numpty" for I think there are another couple who have joined me.....for.....have a guess what folks.....?????......we are still in in the 2012 thread .....OMG wait till I dry my eyes !!! LOL    Last time we were in where we should be was on 3rd January when Sylvie put in a comment and we haven't been in the 2013 thread since then.....I have got a pain from laughing and I don't think I will be applying for a job as PA to Donald Trump or Richard Branson in the near future.....poor souls wouldn't know if they were coming or going once i had got a hold of them !!!!!!!! LOL.   Will try to head to the right thread on Monday, Sylvie but if I don't appear send out the search party and I will take a pack of flares with me just in case i get lost !!! LOL


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


I am right behind you Sylvia........ROFL!!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob


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